• Brazilian Toy Website Posts Customizable Sugar Cube Corner Pop Set, Castle Restaurant Set, and Tons of Rainbow Rocks Stuff

    For all the news that was unleashed from Toy Fair, the actual physical pictures were a bit on the light side.  A Brazilian toy website called Hobbybringquedos has a whole bunch of listings up.  All of the descriptions are in Portugese though, so expect some "what?".

    Up above is the interesting one.  Sugar Cube Corner is somewhat customizable, with "pop in" style pieces that you can mix and match to your liking (assuming they fit).  The actual Pinkie Pie figure also comes separately

    On top of that, a Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and various accessories are also available for it, though separately if the site is any indication.

    Anyway, there is a ton of it.  Get it all below the break including all the Rainbow Rocks stuff! Thanks to everyone including Shannon, "Rainbow Dash" (I bet you guys are jelly that I get to talk to her in submit), Kryptonlogic, and everyone else that fired these off to us in various pieces and parts!

    More pop in accessories:

    Twilight Set

    Rainbow Rocks Stuff:

    Rianbowy Twilight

    Google Translate:
    This pony is bigger, comes with outfit, shoes and many accessories for your new friend linda and pony get ready for many adventures. Master carton: 03

    (Yeah I'm stumped too.  Maybe Linda is a character?) 

    Stage playset.  Nothing too revealing in the translate.

    Rainbow Rocks Dolls

    The next few are just the usual Rainbow Rocks dolls I think.

    Google Translate: (The others have similar descriptions)
    Mount the best look for your Twilight Sparkle! This beautiful doll comes with several very fashion accessories for you to personalize your look and create beautiful stories of adventure with your friend!

    Twilight Sparkle

    Sunset Shimmer

    Music Car

    I don't think anyone ever got a good picture of this one.  I'm assuming it's that Adagio Dazzle character's. 

    Take a ride full of pop style with the vehicle Equestria Girls! Come with glasses for you to use and be stylish as ponies! Master carton: 02.

    And finally, "Castle Restaurant" Playset.  

    It's time for a super snack at Castle Twilight Sparkle. Comes a Pinkie Pue and more a pony, 25 accessories, mini lift to the ponies and shelves to put the desserts and smoothies!