• Story Updates - January 30th

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    Story: The Vagabond (Update Story 3 Part 19!)

    [Normal] Everypony time!  That other story ditched the image, so I'm using it!

    Author: Truthseeker

    Description: An injured stranger comes to Ponyville. He carries with him the darkest of secrets. He is condemned to a fate worse than death, but is there yet hope of salvation, before the end? Only the Elements of Harmony can decide.
    The Vagabond Part 1

    Story: The Longest Night (Update Sequel Part 21!)


    Author: Tundara
    Description: Everypony has one 'Longest Night', a night that just never seems to end,
    whether they want it to end or not. For Celestia, her Longest Night began
    on the first night she had to raise her sister's moon.

    Heartbroken and filled with despair that she may never see her sister
    again, Celestia makes a wish upon a falling star to see her sister one more
    time. Little did she realise that the stars listen.
    The Longest Night

    Story: Human After All (Update Part 6!)

    [Sci-Fi] "An ambitious and well-crafted story that breathes new life into an old trope" — Pre-reader Amacita

    (That has to be the craziest additional tag I've ever added) - Sethisto

    Author: Nicknack
    Description: The thick growth of the Everfree Forest harbors many secrets. Some, it shares with the adventurous souls that seek them out. Others are well-guarded for a reason.

    Lyra Heartstrings, a graduate student in Canterlot University's archaeology program, is no stranger to discovering lost civilizations. When she finds a survivor from one, however, she begins helping him to restore his culture.

    The question burning in the back of her mind is, "At what cost?"
    Human After All (New Part 6-Daily updates!)