• Spotlight Music: Archie / Twitch / vinyl.rawr / Hearts Strong as Horses (Mandopony Cover)

    One of our favorite pony EDM producers "Archie" is back with a fantastic House song based around Equestria's newest alicorn. Along with this, Mandopony has joined him with his rendition of Hearts as Strong as Horses.  We also have a bit of Fluttershy doing the Skyrim thing, and Nexgen/VinylRawr with some dubstep. Check them all out below! !

    1.) Archie - Fallen Dreams (Instrumental - Progressive House)
    2.) Twitch - Flutterborn (ShyNoise Remix) (Instrumental - Dubstep)
    3.) vinyl.rawr - Encaged VIP ft. Nexgen (Vocal - Dubstep)
    4.) Hearts Strong as Horses - MLP cover by MandoPony (Remix - Acoustic Rock)