• Artist Spotlight: ChocolateSun / Giantsquidie / DayzeeHead / Xeella

    Hello again art enthusiasts! Today we've got a late Christmas gift for you guys in the form of some wonderful work by some very talented artists today. Coming from a range of backgrounds you're sure to find something you like in today's selection so have a look after the break!

    As usual, these posts are in similar style to the Tumblr Spotlights, a group of 3-4 artists will be spotlit each entry along with a small short description along with a small selection of their artwork! In order to make this feature work though we need people to suggest artists to us so make sure to send artists you think need some exposure to [email protected]. Please also include a short biography I can work with as well as what medium you work in most.

    What sort of artists count? Suggestions should follow these criteria:

    • No clop or extensive gore galleries as those typically violate our content guidelines. If the artist has a safe for work gallery separate from their not safe for work stuff they or their fans can submit the safe for work gallery. If there is a mix of SFW/NSFW on a gallery the decision whether or not to include them will be judged on a gallery to gallery basis.
    • Don't be afraid to spotlight yourself as well as others!
    • Artists of all types accepted -vector, OC, traditional, digital. As long as it is pony and of quality it has a chance of being spotlit. 
    Now on to the artists!


    While it's impressive to find artists that do great pony work, it's equally impressive to find someone who does great background work of locations in the show. ChocolateSun excels at this but they aren't a one trick pony as they also do a marvelous job with ponies as well. Utilizing a style that is very similar to actual brush painting, Chocolate creates pieces filled with life and soft color. Certainly check them out if you can!

    ChocolateSun's Gallery


    Vector art at times tends to go unnoticed in comparison to other artwork, but it is equally impressive and of vital importance to a lot of fanworks out there. First up on our vector list today is Giantsquidie whose vector style artwork is simple and sweet, with clean lines and sharp colors. If you're looking for a dose of cute, check Giant out!

    Giantsquidie's Gallery


    Our second vector artist today might be familiar to some of you as the artist who provides artwork for the Ponibooru film nights each week. DayzeeHead has a very unique style of vector artwork, combining the pointy pony style with his very own to create a very appealing looking hybrid filled with charm.

    DayzeeHead's Gallery


    Last one today is some digital art simplicity at its finest. Xeella's style gives us simple but highly polished and cute pony artwork, ranging from plain old ponies to anthro ponies. Certainly check her out if you want something simple but fun!

    Xeella's Gallery

    Twitter: Calpain