• Nightly Roundup #781

    Sweetie Belle one night, Scootaloo the next, and Apple Bloom to finish it.  Am I the only one hoping her cutie mark has absolutely nothing to do with apples? Break the tradition Bloom! You can do it!

    Onward to nightly roundup stuff. Get it all below.

    TF2 Cheering Lessons

    MLPBHOA 4-6 Comic Dub

    Rainbow Factory Project Seeks Animation

    Find the video here!


    Pony Tales Fanfic Readings

    Pony Tales [MLP Fanfic Readings] presents four new full-cast, radio-play-styled dramatic readings for your perusal, pleasure and pontification. ^_^ If any aspiring VAs would like to get involved in one of these readings in future, contact Scribbler via YouTube (ObabScribbler) or FimFiction (um ... also ObabScribbler actually) for details.

    ‘I Love You, Princess Luna’ by DontWannKnow (unrequited romance/sadfic/tragedy) – 42 mins 31 secs Summary: A noble but tragic gesture by a royal guard forces Luna to confront her loneliness and her ideals of love. Features voices of Scribbler, Goombasa, SlightlySerious and Shiek927.

    ‘Dear Dashie’ by Posey (sadfic) – 10 mins 15 secs Summary: Rainbow Dash's father writes the most important letter of his life. Features voices of Scribbler and Cider Barrel

    'His Thorn on the Rose' by Regidar (romance/sadfic) – 31 mins 40 secs Summary: Caramel supposes he always loved Roseluck, the feelings just didn't show up until late. And Roseluck's got certain qualities that make it... rather difficult for her to return the love to him. Caramel/Roseluck; Roseluck/Daisy. Features voices of Scribbler, Deadlyreg and Patrick Farkas

    ‘For All to See’ by Pearple Prose (romance - Luna/Twilight) – 13 mins 13 secs Summary: Luna struggles with her art and herself, and her beloved sees her at her worst. Features the voice of Scribbler.

    ‘Leaky Secrets’ by Blueshift (comedy) – 11 mins 4 secs

    Summary: Leaky Secrets has worked tirelessly to expose the secrets of corrupt governments, asking nothing in return except fame, wealth and mares. After escaping the wrath of the Griffon Republic by hiding in the Equestrian Embassy, he meets a delighted Twilight Sparkle. He is her hero. Never meet your heroes. Features voices of Scribbler and Deadlyreg.

    Headcanon: Origins of Queen Chrysalis and Sombra

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    Glasglow Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    A pretty good turnout this week, two of our friends from Edinburgh brought their handmade plushies and blind bag scenes to sell and they were amazing.

     Utah Meetup

    They forgot an image! Have the copy paste:

    The Bronies of Southern Utah experienced another awesome event~ this time we went out camping together! We had s'mores, built a cardboard fort, sang songs an played instruments, cooked hotdogs and roasted marshmallow's over a glowing campfire, and survived a cold front from Canada just to enjoy an egg and sausage breakfast followed by some games- including Zombie Pony Apocalypse. Super fun and we hope to see more folks at our future meet ups!



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Brony Linkshell

    Copy Paste:
    A new Brony only linkshell for the Siren server has been formed. Please message Crystal Luminia in game, or send an in game mail for an invitation. Roleplaying is allowed, but please keep it PG 13

    FIFA 14 Pony Pro Club

    Copy Paste:
    Looking to play FIFA 14 on PS3 with some fellow bronies? There's a FIFA 14 Pro Club that's looking for more pony loving members! Equestria FC is looking to get to Division 1, but definitely needs me players! Defender, midfielder, striker; we'll take them all, just bring your love of pony with you (and your FIFA talents as well). To join, just search for "Equestria FC" in the Pro Clubs game mode. Though it says we're based in Eastern North America, we'll gladly take you if you're from outside that region. Hope to see you on the pitch to help us win some silverware!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    This Day in Pony History

    2011: People thought EQD was bought out by CNN! You guys are so gullible sometimes.
    2012: Tara Strong Cosplays Twilight Sparkle

    EQD Thanks Stuff!