• Toy Review: Lyra Heartstrings and Pinkie Pie Funko Figures

    Lyra and Pinkie Pie have finally arrived at Hot Topic, so it's time for another one of those review things I do for the Funko toys.  I can't get enough of these things.

    Head on down below the break for all of it!

    Starting with Lyra here, because I've always been entertained with this pony.  Whether she is running around human and hand obsessed or best buddies with Bonbon,  her fanon has always been a fun topic.  It's nice to see her get some love from the Funko lineup.

    As is the norm with Funko toys, they continue to be the most show accurate official figures out there.   The only issue I have with her overall design is the eye color.  It's a bit darker than the golden yellow we are used to from the show pony.   They seem to have taken the darkest portion of her flash model and painted the entire eye that way.

    Aside from that though, the butt symbol is perfect, and her mane and tail are sufficiently minty. 

    Onward to Pinkie Pie! Unfortunately, mine has all sorts of blemishes.  This one on her forhead in particular is really bad.

    Outside of that though, the toy itself though is very well done.  Her mane and tail are big and bubbly, almost to an extreme degree back there.

    She actually beats Fluttershy in tail size, which I'm surprised at.  I didn't think anyone would have a bigger tail than the already massive one on Fluttershy.   I for one am perfectly fine with this! They did seem to switch mark sides though.  Pinkie has hers on the right, while Fluttershy had hers on the left. 

    The cutie mark is a bit on the dark side, which makes the strings on the balloons blend in.  It's not too big an issue though.  And as mentioned earlier, Pinkie is definitely feelin the blemishes.

    One thing to note on both Lyra and Pinkie, the tails come in two sections, and the bottom piece on both wasn't sealed too well.   It's pretty noticeable if you focus on it from right next to them. 

    Overall though, both toys are an excellent addition to the collection, and I'd recommend picking both up.  Just make sure you check for factory defects before you buy.  I'm not sure how many Pinkie Pies out there are going to have the same issues as mine did, but it never hurts to check. 

    Now to track down a Spitfire and Octavia... I'm hearing Toys R' Us is "officially" releasing them on the 1st of September, so hopefully they will be more available by then.