• Nightly Roundup #731

    So... New Doctor Who.  I wonder what people would think if we got a spinoff Doctor series with the pony version?

    Onward to nightly roundup stuff!

    Fan Animation Seeking OC Ponies

    Uh oh! Incoming the flood!

    That's a really good Twilight VA right there.

    Ponies Stomp on the Ground

    Jump jump jump jump


    Ponies for Pathfinder Hits Goal

    The giant roleplay project to bring ponies to the Pathfinder format has hit it's goal! If you want to hop on for the remaining 19 days, head on over here.


    Summer in Ponyville Episodes 5 and 6

    Check them out in the links below!
    Episode 5
    Episode 6

    Brony News Network

    Check it out here!

    BFFs - Spiderses

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    Ohio Meetup

    Alberta Meetup

    My friends and I climbed a mountain and had the worlds highest Brony meet without leaving the ground in the Canadian Rockies recently! We fought illness (our member not standing in the one photo became ill) and we fought Hypoxia and tiny mountain chip monks to get you this photo!

    This happened in Jasper Alberta Canada, our group is for Bronies over the age of 18. we welcome all Alberta Bronies and are based in the Edmonton Alberta area.

    GalaCon Flash Mob

    Check out the video here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Equestrian Foreign Legion

    Do you enjoy playing online games? Are you perhaps seeking a group of fellows to join and share your experiences with, discover new games, progress from failing horribly at the latest Total War to becoming one of the best with your new found friends? Well you might well be in luck! The Equestrian Foreign Legion is a brony gaming community that has opened its flood gates to anyone who shares a passion with both ponies and gaming! The Legion started out as a Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars regiment, marching up and down the 19th century field of battle with muskets, fifes, drums, flags, and colourful uniforms; the Legion still does this on a weekly basis, but they also enjoy playing plenty of other game genres together. If you are seeking such a community then click on this link for more information.

    BroNIes of Northern Ireland One Year Anniversary Meet

    Hi everyone. We are planning to have a special one year anniversary meet from the first joint meet between the Bronies of NI Facebook page and the NI bronies from UK of Equestria.

    This meet will occur on Saturday the 10th August. We will initially be meeting outside the front entrance of the Odyssey Arena in Belfast for between midday and 1pm. From then we will go to the arcade/pool room above the bowling alley. Afterwards we plan to head into Belfast city centre and search the local shops for pony merchandise to buy.

    Finally we head to the food court in Castle Court to get some food.

    Hopefully the weather will be nice and see you all there.

    I would like to thank the bronies of Northern Ireland for a great first year of meet ups and hope that the next year will be as enjoyable and fun /)




    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Various Crafted Items
    MLP Shoes
    Pony Bracelets

    Shark Week!

    Always was scared of sharks!