• IDW Deluxe Hardcover - Rainbow Dash, Plus Short Sara Richard Interview

    IDW has released loads of images of their the Rainbow Dash version of their uber-collectable.  There are three tiers available here, each with a significantly different price point:

    Red Label:
    Hand-drawn Rainbow Dash sketch card
    Case and hardcover portfolio Rainbow Dash themed
    Signature page signed by Katie Cook and Andy Price
    Amount available: 100
    Cost: $125

    Black Label:
    Everything in red label
    Rainbow Dash lithograph from Sara Richard
    Two pieces of original art in each copy
    Amount available: 50
    Cost: $350

    Blue Label
    Everything in red and black label
    Original 11 x 14 painting
    Amount available: 5
    Cost: $650

    As for the interview with Sara Richard, you can find that over at their Tumblr, along with loads more Rainbow Dash art. 

    Head on down below the break for a video showing off each item in video form if you are curious about any of them.