• MLP CCG Volunteer Program Now Taking Sign-Ups

    Want to get involved with the MLP Card game announced last week?  Enterplay has opened up signups to join their volunteer program.  Some of the duties that will be expected of you will be: 
    • Learning how to play and judge MLP: CCG.
    • Staying up-to-date with MLP: CCG news, releases, rules updates, and the overall community.
    • Introducing MLP: CCG to MLP fans at meet-ups / CCG players at local game stores.
    • Planning, organizing, hosting, and judging MLP: CCG organized play events at meet-ups / game stores, which involves advance communication and maintaining a positive relationship with meet-up organizers / game store management.
    • Recording and submitting official event results online, along with a written summary of the event.
    • Maintaining communication with Enterplay and volunteer leaders regarding the status of CCG organized play in their region.
    • Encouraging the growth of MLP: CCG.
    • Maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor, online and offline, while you represent Enterplay and MLP: CCG. This includes having no online ties between your name / fandom name and unsavory materials (explicit, derogatory, etc.).
    • And possibly most importantly, maintaining a positive, friendly attitude when interacting with players, non-players, meet-up attendees, game store customers, meet-up organizers, store management, other volunteers, and potential players (that’s everyone!) in your capacity as a volunteer for the MLP: CCG organized play program. 
    If all of these match your specific pony-fan persona, head on over here to give signing up a shot! I'm sure it's going to be limited with how popular the game appears so far, so put your best foot forward!