• Story: Blitzkrieg Poison Kills Assassins

    [Comedy] "It's not the Black Dynamite crossover I've been wishing for, but CLOSE ENOUGH." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: cleverpun
    Description: The ultimate action stallion ninja hero is back. In this critically acknowledged sequel to "Blitzkrieg Poison Assassinates Killers," everypony's favorite demolitions expert must confront his old ninjutsu mentor and stop her once and for all. And this time...it's poisonal.

    "Anypony who is anypony needs to watch this movie right this moment. And then they need to watch it a second time, because their mind will have been blown and they won't remember the first viewing. 7/5 stars"
    —Dr. Rainbow Dash, Ponyville Times
    Blitzkrieg Poison Kills Assassins

    Additional Tags: Rainbow enjoys low-budget action movies