• Nightly Roundup #612

    Pinkie hasn't taken charge of a Roundup in awhile I think so here she is with some staches to share with you all! Get them while they last, one per pony.

    News time folks, check it after the break.

    Hasbro Singapore - Design a Pony

    The Hasbro Singapore Facebook page has a design a pony contest going on right now in celebration of the design a pony merchandise hitting store shelves over there. You can find voting details on their page at the link down below.

    Facebook Page


    Discord Profiled on io9

    The Prince of Chaos himself has been profiled on the website io9, making a list of 10 Omniscient Being Who Are Also Jerks coming in at number six (while Q himself comes in at number one). Check out the list at the link below.

    List Link

    Celestia's Ballad in Minecraft


    Cloudsdale Cafe - Episode 24

    You can listen to the interview here!

    Welcome to The CloudsDale Cafe, where Nick can't think of anything to put here for some reason. This week we have a very special guest for this week show and that is none other then Jitterbug Jive, the mod of Discorded Whoove, Lovestruck Derpy and many more. But before the interview we have our 30 min news and discussion segment. We also have some awesome news! The Cloudsdale Cafe can now be found in Ponyville Live check out the site to see our show schedule and updates for a ton of awesome podcasts and radio stations. We also have our own forum! I know right!? Weird huh.
    If you guys wanna suggest someone for us to interview just send us a message at our email [email protected] 

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Team Brony North Carolina Go See Evil Dead

    Copy Paste:

    On April 6th TBNC will be having another movie meetup at Concord Mills to see the new Evil Dead Movie. Now it is rated R so it's only for mature audiences of 17+. For more information join our page Team Brony North Carolina
    West Texas Bronies

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    We are West Texas Bronies! our first meetup is this Saturday the 23rd. Yes, there will be cake, balloons, party favors and lots of pony! http://www.meetup.com/west-texas-bronies
    Double Rainboom Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Copy Paste:

    Hey EQD! Bravery here from the Philly Brony group to tell you all about our very special event. What is this event you ask? How would you all like to see the official Fan-made episode Double Rainboom a day before it goes live on the internet! Here is all the information.
    Having trouble making it through the current drought of pony episodes? Well the Double Rainboom Team is here to help. Get a chance to see the first ever fan-made full-length episode of My Little Pony a full day before it goes live on the internet! Double Rainboom special effects crew member, Jim Lyons, will be available for Q&A after the screening. As an additional bonus, pizza will be provided. So come on down because this could quite possibly be the best thing ever! More info about Double Rainboom itself can be found on http://www.doublerainboom.com/

    The exact location is in the basement of Drexel's Creese Student Center. Pony-flavored signs will guide you to the exact room in the basement. Also, yes, it is that building with a ton of construction around the entrance.
    Note: Jim Lyons received permission from the head director Zachary to let us screen the completed episode on March 29th, so we have full permission to hold this event.
    So what do you all say? You wanna come? Of course you wanna come! It’s Double Rainboom! Click the link below to inform us if you’re coming and feel free to ask any questions any of you have on the event. We hope to see you all there! /)
    Brony Brackets March Madness Group
    It's that time of the year again. March Madness has come again, and this year, I'm looking to unite all bronies looking to fill out that elusive perfect bracket!

    Group Name: Brony Brackets
    Group Motto: "My brackets...I just don't know what went wrong!"

    People interested can either search for the group in the "My Groups" tab of ESPN's Tournament Challenge section,

    All you need is an ESPN.com account to create brackets and join the group. You can create up to 10 brackets, and they can all be entered into this group if you wish. This is NOT a bracket pool, it is just for fun and is free. There is a chance of winning a $10,000 prize if you can create a bracket that finishes in the top 1% of all ESPN entries, though. Good luck!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Pins

    This Day in Pony History - March 19, 2011-2012

    2011 - One of the first Hot Topic pieces of pony merch is released.

    2012 - A lady who used to be babysat by Lauren Faust shares her wonderful story.