• Random Merch: DVD's Head to Malaysia and Singapore, + Brony Size Underwear and More!

    It looks like another set of DVD's has popped up for all you Southeast Asian people out there. A company called InnoForm has picked up the licence and tossed up a few starters.  Find them here!

    Thanks to The Ace of Scarabs for the heads up!

    Head on down below for more RANDOM MERCH!

    Hasting Backpack

    Hastings has tossed up a new backpack with "DJ Hoofers" on it. I've never heard anyone use that saying, and that's totally Rainbow Dash, but I'm not gonna complain. Thanks to Arata for the link!

    Colorful Bubble Bath

    Honestly I wouldn't even use these things. So colorful. Thanks to Wolf Sawyer for the image.

    Pony Beanie and Briefs

    Sawyerfilms sent in this beanie and pack of briefs. I think those count as the first undergarments that might actually fit out demographic.

    You can get them at Hot Topic!