• Nightly Roundup #493

    Yep, we derped. As you probably noticed we didn't have a Roundup last night. We just don't know what went wrong! At any rate, what it does mean is that you guys get an extra long Roundup for tonight as we head into season 3. Huzzah!

    Check out all the news after the break.

    Anatomy of a Brohoof

    Let's start off with something 'educational'!

    Delicious Cake!

    Pony a Day Project Wraps Up!

    The pony a day project has finally wrapped up, leaving Fluttershy for last! Check it out above and a link to the playlist below.

    Season 3 Abridged Looking for VAs!

    An abridged project has popped up that hopes to parody the new season, but it is in desperate need of VAs. Check out the details below.

    Hi Everypony! I am going to be creating an abridged series based off of the  My Little Pony Series 3 T.V show. I would love it if I could get some voice actors together to help me succeed. I already have the lovely Missbunniswan (http://www.youtube.com/user/missbunniswan) helping me and I would love all of your help. I am going to start the script and editing of the product tomorrow starting with the first episode of Season 3. It will look professional but that's why it will take a while to make. The more help I get, the quicker it will get finished and the better it will be. I'm counting on all of you to help me make the best Abridged series ever!
    Send all submissions, questions and random information to [email protected]

    Plushie Fundraiser

    Copy Paste:

    I am running a plushie-making fundraiser from December 1 to January 31 for charity. The way it will work is that I will do commissions, and the money I get from commissions will be used to buy non-perishable food items for my local food bank. The plushies will sell for around $50 each. An example is http://brightwater1.deviantart.com/.

    Also, I have a survey link, [link] that if you linked people to it would be great so I could count how many people wanted to commission.

    Pony in School Newspaper

    More pony in the press! At this point it isn't super surprising, but it is pleasant to see (especially when it isn't negative). Check out the article below!

    Article Link

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    Android Central Briefly Reviews New Pony Game

    The new pony game that everyone is talking about (and I can't play because I have nothing that supports it) has been reviewed by Android Central! Check out the neat little review through the link below.


    IGN Features Pony Game in Apps of the Day!

    This pony app sure is going places! It has now popped up on IGN on their App Store update feature which is sure to get some more people interested in the game. Take a look below.

    IGN Article

    Awesome Convention Spreadsheet

    Ever been curious as to what conventions are out there and when they are going to happen? Well, thanks to the diligent work of Foal Papers we now have the beginnings of a master list! Take a peek at his list and what he has to say below.

    The con spreadsheet is publicly accessible here:
    Google Docs

    I'll be keeping track of new information in order to keep things
    up-to-date, but I welcome additions, modifications, and corrections
    from the rest of the community, especially as new cons emerge.

    MLP Thank You Commercial in Article

    The wonderful Thank You commercial that has been playing on the Hub has received a really cool article talking about the fandom and the creation of the commercial itself. Take a look at the link below.

    Article Link


    Band of Bronies - Episode 3

    Copy Paste:

    Have plans after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
    Why not join our Band of Bronies show.
    Every Saturday 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio.
    Cloudsdale Cafe Interviews Mage Dash

    Copy Paste:

    Well hello again everypony! The Cloudsdale Cafe is proud to present, that we are having for our show the mod of Ask Mage Dash! A magical and mystical blog where rainbow has magical eyes and can now has the ability to do magic! We will be interviewing the artist this Saturday at 10:00 pm EST! and stick around for our news and general topics of discussion. And later after the show stay tune to hear our after show, where anything goes! Its gonna be a fun night and we hope you guys can join in!
    Again We will go live this Saturday at 10:00pm EST and we will be broadcasting at: http://www.livestream.com/cloudsdalecafe

    And don't forget to visit Mage Dash tumblr at: http://askmagedash.tumblr.com/

    Also go visit our tumblr: http://cloudsdale-cafe.tumblr.com/

    For more Episodes of the Cloudsdale Cafe visit our YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CloudsdaleCafe?feature=guide

    Hope to see you soon!
    Babble with Bronies - Episode 28

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings everypony!

    This week, we're watching S1E12, "Call of the Cutie". We'll glaze over the S3 premiere (spoiler free of course) as well.

    Time: 4:00 pm EST/ 3:00 pm CST (16:00 EST/ 15:00 CST) (UTC -5 / -6)
    Date: November 10th, 2012
    Place: http://babblewithbronies.tripod.com/

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/babblewithbronies
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BwBofficial

    Pony 411 - Episode 12

    It's an odd week here at Pony 411. We start off with the usual quick hits, like potential season 4, episode synopses, the release of the official MLP game, and a season 3 clip. Plus other things.

    Then things get weird. We attempt to discuss which pony we'd vote for if Equestria was having an election. But thanks to all 3 hosts being tired while recording, we derail ourselves. Multiple times. Including talk of cruise ships. Yeah. A glimpse into the true depths of our madness.

    But we eventually recovered, and got to talking about some music. Three excellent pieces, courtesy of Four String. No fanfiction because of some game called Halo 4 keeping Nemesis occupied. But fan art comes up. Kind of.

    By the way, look for episode 13 in a few days. We're shifting our schedule around because season 3 is here, and we want to talk about the new episodes in a timely manner.

    Download it onLibsyn, or iTunes.

    Or listen on Youtube:

    By the way, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We promise hypothetical cookies.


    Successful Meetups

    Indonesian Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    This is our stall at a cosplay event/festival in our capital city Jakarta.
    It was at 3rd and 4th November, but I am only able to post it now because our photographer went away.

    Well! Here it is! A stall dedicated to ponies and aiming to attract more people to become bronies!

    Calling all Indonesian Bronies to the next meet up at second week of December!
    Detail on place and time to come.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    University of Wisconsin Madison

    MLP:FiM Trading Card Game Seeks Help

    Copy Paste:

    The MLPFiMTCG team is looking for someone who can create and manage a LackeyCCG plugin (or any other kind of free trading card game software). Our previous member working on it has gone dark and so we are seeking a replacement. If you would like to help you can contact me at [email protected]com or sign-up for our message boards: http://s3.excoboard.com/MLPFIMTCG, where you can also play the old version of the prototype.

    We're also always looking for playtesters and artists and anyone else who wants to help out.
    BroniesCHAT Steam Group

    Copy Paste:

    I've been trying to keep the group active with interesting game-related posts, keeping an eye on free or discounted games (especially indie bundles that support charities), and once we get more members I'll encourage people to use the group chat and to use the group boards to organize game get-togethers. Even the largest Brony groups on Steam still don't use the group chat much, so I'm hoping to be one of the few that does.

    I even have a number of games I'm trying to give away for free on the group, but with how few members we have it hasn't really gone anywhere. I may suspend that until we get a larger number of members and make it a raffle on http://www.steamgifts.com/ to make it fair and random.

    In summary, I'm trying to do a lot to keep this group going, but I need members!
    Reno Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    Attention Reno Bronies we are watching the premier of the new episode/season this Saturday at 1 o'clock on the University Campus in the Joe Crowley student union Room 320. If you need help getting there post on the wall!! https://www.facebook.com/events/293971094055871/
    Royal Guards Tourney

    Copy Paste:

    We hope everything is well with everypony, and are excited to announce the Guards first paintball tournament this Saturday at Total Combat Paintball in San Diego! We've been training hard for the last few months and are ready to put our skills to the test. With that said, if anypony lives in the SoCal area, we invite you to come support our team as we fight for both our fellow Bronies and Equestria! We could use the cheers of fans to push us to play our hardest. The official event is on the SoCal Bronies Meetup page here: http://www.meetup.com/SoCalBronies/events/90172202/

    As usual, here is the FB page for the Royal Guards: http://www.facebook.com/RoyalGuardPaintball. Drop us a like to keep up with all the action of the Guard!

    We look forward to an awesome event! For Equestria!

    -EQ Royal Guards

    MoP Guild

    Copy Paste:

    (Lv25) Maximum Brohoof
    Server: (US) Deathwing
    Faction: Horde
    Forums: http://maximumbrohoof.freesmfhosting.com/index.php
    Leave a request or message a member to join

    We're a casual bunch of bronies looking for more folks to hang out with. When Applebloom isn't starting bar fights and Derpy is sharing her muffins, we consider ourselves a pretty okay group of dudes. We look forward to episode discussions, as well as having more awesome ponies to play the game with.
    Friendship is Magic Forum Looking for More

    Forum Link 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Twilight Plush
    Scootaloo Wings
    Pinkie Pie Blindbag
    Pony Keychains
    Rarity Painting
    Christmas Perler Ponies 
    Cutie Mark Magnets