• Random Merch: Pinkie Pie and Friends, Guitar Straps, and More!

    Time for some random merch!

    First off is the Pinkie Pie and friends mini collection.  There isn't a whole lot of new here unless you desperately need every single variation on the blindbag toys.  Lemon Spice found this specific set at a Walmart in Maryland.

    Onward to more after the break!

    Rainbow Dash Guitar Strap

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a full on Rainbow Dash band setup at the rate Hot Topic is going.  Thanks to Stuart for the heads up.

    Find it here!

    Random Pony Book!

    This completely random pony book was found at a store called "Penny" in Germany by Tobias.  Just in case you need to collect everything, right?

    G4 Books found in G3.5 Case

    That has to be some kind of voodoo marketing.  I don't get it.

    Thanks to Christine for the image!

    Tiaras and Wands 

    Just in case you aren't already a pretty princess, these were at Poundland in the UK.  Thanks to Rory for the image.

    Pony Gift Bag

    And for the holidays, these gift bags are available at Toys R' Us for 6 bucks.  Thanks to Brooke for the image.

    Sugar Plum Body Wash

    Just in case your bathroom isn't already overflowing with pony from the last few random merch posts, another one has popped up! This specific set was found for 2 bucks by ultraanimefan1 at Walgreens. 

    And that about covers it for Random Merch! If you have something, send it on over!