• Megaman 3 With Ponies? Dr. Discord's Conquest Announced!


    Every time I search for megamare or some derivation thereof I am rewarded with more content. This pleases Phoe. And coming down the pipeline now is a rather massive undertaking from za909 to ponify Megaman 3. Except not quite.

    He's taking it a good twelve steps farther than that and all but rewriting the game into something completely new, featuring Twilight Sparkle and a whole slew of classic NES games, which add to level design, new enemies, new music, and a whole lot of nostalgia. It's quite some ways away from being finished, but what's there looks pretty gosh darn cool.

    Check below the break for a video. While you're at it, go to this poll and tell Mr. za909 that yes, we want this to actually be a thing!