• Convention Compilation, September 7th

    It's a lazy, happy, summery sort of day here in early September. Lyra and Bon Bon have the right idea, and have chosen to spend today lying in the sun and grass. We blogponies, however, are not as smart. We spend all day inside slaving over a hot internet, delivering you ponies and pony news so that you can just sit back and let the ponies come to you.

    In addition to being a lazy late summer day, it's also Friday, and that means it's time for your weekly booster shot of convention news. Don't want to catch convention cold now, do you? Of course not.

    Lunafest: Announced
    Silly Fillycon: Sold out of pre-registration tickets!

    Hello Partyponies!

    What better way to celebrate the princess of the night than a Festival just for her? 

    We are organizing the Lunafest here in Hamburg Germany, with a 250 square meter booked Partyroom just for us. October 12th is the date we are looking for making the night bright. We have nice sound and lightmachines, which should give our party the much needed flair. 

    What kind of evening can everypony expect?


    After oyou were confirmed as a guest, you get a special made Lunafest wristband with the name Lunafest and a picture of our Queen printed on it for your keeping. After that, you can get some drinks and some snacks for free! 

    To start the evening we have a beamer and a big screen where the picture is projected of course. We will show some Episodes as well as some predetermined youtube videos. This is planned roughly 2 hours and ends, when everything will go according as planed, with a special secret. More on this when it finalizes

    After that, we begin with some background music and chillin with bronies. You can buy amounts of merchandise like fanmade pony plushis or buttons and after that...


    Lights off, music on. Its party time till we or the bass drops too much. So expect lots and lots of pony music!

    It wont cost much for you. Expect around 15 Euro entrance Fee and your set.  

    If you want to see a few pictures of the location, look here: http://www.rrwarehouse.de/RocknRoll_Warehouse/BILDER.html

    We are already 76 and rising! We have room for around 150! So come to hamburg and join us in this epic night!

    Just write to me over at Bronies.de . I am the User Atra Demonica, or make it clear in the comment section, that you want to go and need more info.

    Silly Filly Con
    Hi guys! Quilzel here, resident webpony of Silly Filly Con. I have a quick news update for those who find my rambling necessary.  Thanks Jessi Nowacking and DJ Shamrock for promoting the convention. We have sold out of pre-registration tickets! Don’t fret if you would still like to attend. Just head over to our website and then click the Registration link to the right side of the page to read all about how you can get your hooves on a ticket. www.sillyfillycon.org

    The schedule will be finalized by the end of next week. It will then be examined under a light and have a trial by fire before being hung on our webpage for all to gander at. Speaking of webpages, ours was recently updated. Doesn't really look much different, but it now has a pink count down, because… why not? While you are on our website you should head over to our forums and hang out with us! We just hit our 300 posts mile marker. Even if you aren't going to be able to make it to the convention, (sadface) you should hang out with us ‘case we try to be cool and the like. Yeah… the rest of the staff is so going to kill me when they read this.