• Nightly Roundup #408

    Ever since playing To the Moon I've been on a Luna kick... again. Check out the game! It may not be pony, but it sure was one heck of a game.

    Now on to something more pony: the news! Check it out after the break.

    Sketch Work Turned Into Colored Vectors

    A vector artist has recently opened up commissions and is asking artists out there that have sketch work if they'd like their work digitized! Check out the journal entry here.

    New Pony Game Looking for More

    Another pony game has popped up and is currently looking for more. They are in need of coders as well as artists for concept art as well as sprites. Check out the description of the game and the website below if you want to help!

    "Naponyonic Warfare: Equestrian Battlegrounds is a turn based strategy game based in the world of Equestria. Originally a simple game project for a college course the team at RedSand Studios have taken this idea one step further by making it into a fan made MLP game for the MLP FIM community.

    It is 1380AL(after luna's banishment) and civil war has broken out between the royal Equestrian loyalists and a group of freedom fighters known as the ELA(Equestrian Liberation Army). With both sides armed with a relatively new piece of technology that renders armour useless, the loyalists have abandoned the old traditional Royal pony guards as their mane fighting force and replaced them with common ponies from the surrounding countryside.

    With the war escalating beyond petty raids and harshly written letters it is up to an unknown pony with remarkable skills in Diplomacy,warfare,
    administration and politics to take either side and help achieve peace throughout Equestria."

    Pony Tattoo

    This guy here went out and got himself the cool looking tattoo you see above! Pony tattoos seem to be a popular thing nowadays.

    Didn't Think There Would be Cake, eh?

    Pony Appears on Untitled Geek Podcast

    In another case of pony popping up in a non-pony media, Untitled Geek recently did a podcast where they talked a little about ponies. You can find the pony talk at 18:15 after following the link below.

    Untitled Geek Podcast

    Everfree Northwest Panel Needs Friendship Reports!

    Copy Paste:

    An Everfree Northwest convention panel needs your help with submissions!  We are looking for individuals (whether they are attending the convention or not) to submit their "Friendship Reports" to be presented at the convention. 

    Please see the here for more information:

    Pony Plushies Site Updates

    The pony plushie guys have updated their site with some new and future goodies! Check out the list and their website below.

    - fluttershy is available
    - there is international shipping
    - rainbow dash will be following her up soon
    - there are usb drives available
    - there are a few other surprises upcoming

    The plushie is made from minky fabric, stuffed with a fiber filling and has pellets in her hooves to help maintain her balance. The eyes, cutie marks, and hoofmark are all embroidered on. She's about 11" tall and 8" from nose to tail.

    This is the link to the plushie with a bunch of different views:

    This is the link to our USB drive if you mention it:

    The Silenced Theater Mare-a-thon

    Copy Paste:

    On August 17th, at 8:00 PM central time, The Silenced Theater will be hosting a six episode MLP Mare-a-thon.

    Episodes will include:
    Dragon Quest
    The Cutie Pox
    Winter Wrap Up
    Sweet and Elite
    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Sonic Rainboom

    Hope to see you there!


    Brony Speaks in Front of 900

    I'll never have the courage to stand up and speak about pony in front of so many people. Thankfully we have people like this guy to do it for us.

    Copy Paste:
    At Texas Boy's state, a week long convention where about 900 boy's come to form a quasi-government, I gave a brony speach in front of about 900 boys.


    Stuff of the Week - Finale Episode

    Episode Link
    Canterlot Voice - Episode 7

    Copy Paste:

    Just another week in the Canterlot domain. Nemy takes the wheel and invites Noctriix for a good old fashioned tea part---- I mean, PODCAST!

    Join us on the Canterlot Voice!

    Episode Link
    Celestia Radio's New Tuesday Lineup!

    Celestia Radio has some new podcasts to add to their Tuesday lineup! They will be introducing both BronyVille (@5pm CST) and Grand Canterlot Cavalcade (@11pm CST). You can check out the official press release below.

    Celestia Radio Announcement

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Website for Quebec Bronies


    MLPchan.com Looking for More!

    A new chan site has opened to the public. Check out what they have to offer:

    What makes MLPChan different from other chans?

    -Forced anonymous on all boards (staff must follow this rule as well save for their staff tags)
    -The site has two sections, SFW and NSFW. Any NSFW in the wrong section is quickly contained and the user punished.
    -No ads
    -Sections such as /fic/ to separate certain threads from the main /mlp/ board for discussion of the show and fandom.


    Brony Airsoft Group

    Facebook Page

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Buttons (Auction 1 - Auction 2 - Auction 3)
    Pony Customs