• National Pony Writing Month Week 2 Pep Talk!

    Noble Cause returns once again to enlighten you all with his week two pep talk! Can you handle the pony writing?  I know I'd struggle with it!  I wonder if I've written a novel worth of "awesomes" and "crazys" since I started EQD?

    Anyway, check his info out after the break!

    Week two! How time flies when you're madly trying to get that next scene down, am I right? 22,600 or more is what should be staring you in the face if you're after that sweet 50 K mark! Onto some rather AWESOME news!

    Soooo... remember those Steam games I was hoping to pick up? well, we have some VERY generous contributors to thank for helping out of their kind hearts.  The legendary Strife has gifted me with four game codes for Steam, specifically two copies of Cargo: The quest for Gravity, one copy of Ion Assault, and one copy of the popular Dungeon Defenders!

    In addition to that, the awesome Fresh Blood has offered up £100 (somewhere around $150, according to the exchange rate) to be divvied up as needed for ANYTHING the winners may need, whether it's games, or... well, anything else.  Go treat yourself/a friend to lunch or something, or buy that game on your wishlist you've been after that just so happens to be on sale. I'm going to split it into five £20 winners (roundabouts $30) to be picked at random, just like the games.

    Thank you all for your game suggestions, I've tucked them away in my brain and I'll see about surprising folks with one or two at the end of this mass insanity :3

    Write on, and may the Sisters guide your hooves! Go forth, and make War and Peace look like a colt's bedtime story!

    - Noble Cause