• Custom Compilation #83

    Thank goodness Rainbow Dash is loyal to her friends otherwise the show would have ended after episode 2. Still, she sure does look awesome in a Shadowbolts outfit!

    Customs coming at you after the break!

    Source 1
    :Commission: Element of Disloyalty

    Source 2
    Custom Derpy Hooves Figurine (Finished)

    Source 3
    Princess Luna Cross Stitch

    Source 4
    Pinkie Pie Cross Stitch

    Source 5
    apple bloom huging a gift

    Source 6
    Fashion Style Size Chrysalis Custom

    Source 7
    Wire Twilight Sparkle Painted

    Source 8
    Metal Fluttershy Painted

    Source 9
    Wire Rainbow Dash Painted

    Source 10
    Filly Rarity and her destiny

    Source 11
    The Great and Powerful CUSTOM!

    Source 12
    Two Lyras to tug at your Heartstrings

    Source 13
    SO much custom WUB!!!

    Source 14
    Mlp Trixie Tote Bag

    Source 15
    Rarity with her Fire Ruby Necklace

    Source 16
    MLP custom: Derpy Hooves

    Source 17
    MLP custom: Queen Chrysalis

    Source 18
    Show-accurate Pinkie Pie

    Source 19 - Caramel Swirl
    Stained Glass Rarity

    Source 20 - ParanoiaPie
    An Assortment of Customs

    Source 21 - Morgan
    Little Pip Custom

    Source 22
    Perler Ponies

    Source 23
    Rainbow Dash Fiber Portrait

    Source 24
    Robotic Pinkie Pie

    Source 25
    Pony Mercury

    Source 26
    Fluttershy Sculpture