• Crazy High Quality Pony Jewelry

    I don't really do that jewelry thing, but if I did, I'd do this jewelry thing.   ChaoticBrony over on Deviant Art has been busting out some really cool stuff for a while now.  This one in particular is hand crafted with sterling silver wire and quartz, with plans for going up for auction at the Canterlot Gardens Charity Auction.

    Anyway, head on down past the break to check out the rest of his stuff!

    Source 1
    The Mark of Rarity

    Source 2
    Lyra's Cutie Mark Pin

    Source 3
    The Mark of Twilight Sparkle

    Source 4
    Nightmare Moon Watches

    Source 5
    Celestia Raises the Sun

    Source 6
    The Mark of Rainbow Dash

    Source 7
    The Mark of Pinkie Pie

    Source 8
    Mane 6 Engraved Pendants