• New Train Set + Triple Alicorn Set

    It looks like all you people that bought the Friendship Express now have an upcoming extra train set to continue your track!  And alicorn fans have a another set with Cadence, Luna, and Celestia all in one.  Have some Copy Paste information from Whatshisgame:

    • Crystal Princess Ponies Collection: “Princess Celestia and Princess Luna believe that Princess Cadance will bring happiness to the Crystal Empire!” Put up by hahashuan on Taobao; discovered by MrPony on MLP Arena. This set is where the Cadance-sized Luna that’s been floating around on Taobao and eBay comes from, and it also tells us more about the Crystal Empire than just “Welcome to the Crystal Empire, a magical place full of hidden secrets! The ponies shine and sparkle here!”
    • Friendship Express Train Around Town Playset: “All aboard the Friendship Express Train! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Apple Bloom have tickets to ride the train. It rolls along—around bends and over bridges—and takes them wherever they want to go!” This one actually popped up legitimately, from the Australian store Big W. It’s listed on their website, and Oak23 and an Anonymous (the two of whom posted a few of the attached pics) on Ponychan have both found it in Big W stores IRL.
    Check out a whole bunch of images after the break!