• Mid Day-Roundup #364

    Shes spinninnn

    Have a roundup! The information is brief due to time constraints, but I can't help that!

    Pony Music invades Pound Puppies

    This is actually pretty old news, but lets use it anyway! A couple of songs have popped up in Pound Puppies, including a jingle of Love is in Bloom way before it actually released on pony.
    Crusaders Theme at 5:06
    Love is in Bloom at 5:45

    Food Ponies!

    Pipsqueak Cake

    Chocolate Chip Derpy

    Israeli News reports on Pony

    The article is here, but have a translation from Anton!

    If you're an internet animal, and especially in the USA, you've probably heard about the Bronies - Men that are fans of the renewed 2010 version of the TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". The origin of this name is: bro, which stands for "Brother", and ponies - the main characters of the show aimed, due to its sweet nature, to women in the 80s.
    Today, because of the upgraded animation of the show and the humor, men feel they can also connect and belong to the Bronies, they declare - real men can like happy and colorful things that are riding on clouds and rainbows.

    The bronies, that their ages are moving from 12 to over 30, express their love about the series by buying toys of the characters, they ask for the girls toy in the McDonald's kids meal, uploading lots of videos to Youtube and creating original art devoted solely to the series.

    In the site Deviantart.com, for example, there are more than 90,000 creations dedicated to the show. The phenomenon also came to Israel, and in their facebook page they call the locals to connect, bring the show to the country, and adopt the Bronies moto - "Forgive and forget, with tolerance and love for everyone; spread the friendship until the edges of the galaxy

    Lets Blind Episode 20


    Fallout Equestria Dario Project - Foe Star Swirls Commercial

    Another short! Check it out here!

    Doctor Whooves Adventures Q&A 3 - Featuring Vinyl Scratch

    Check it out here!

    Xbox Pony Dashboard

    Check it here!
    Radio Free Equestria - Changeling Origins

    Just what are the Changelings? Where did they come from? Are they tied in any way to Ponies? Is this a matter of co-evolution, or are they a created species, or even simply a branch from a common ancestor? Do they have a “natural” form as we saw them, or are they something more alien at their core?

    Check it out here!

    Everything Brony Episode 6

    Find it here!

    Australian Bronycast

    MLPonline First episode will be shown for those that missed the livestream of BronyCon. I'll be playing it first thing on the show and we'll be talking about it too seeing as this is one of the Episodes we'll be able to play first. We'll even talk more about what those that went to BronyCon get including the Glow-in-the-dark Zercoa that will be on offer. You State Bronies get the good gear send it to the rest of us.

    Email: [email protected]com <- Questions and suggestions for use to show and such
    Stuff of the Week Episode 18



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Magic the Gathering Meetup

    Link here https://www.facebook.com/events/404338589609245/
    If you can't see the event feel free to add anyone in the group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/122600991201933/
    Also known as My little Pony: Friendships is Magic:The Gathering! Bring your MTG cards!
    Bronies are encouraged to also bring art, altered/custom ponies, rare blind-bags among other things for the artist ally/black market.

    Lets have a feast of icecream and food!!

    July 7th at 5pm
    The Colonial Cafe in Elgin
    (600 S Mclean Blvd, it's a few blocks south of 20)


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Shops! 
    Trixie pillow !