• Story Updates May 23rd (Morning)

    Time for some story updates! We have just three tonight, how sad.  Check them out below.

    Story: The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog (Update Part 9!)

    [Comedy] [Dark] [Adventure]

    Author: Rust
    Description: After a deal gone awry, a human is thrust into Equestria with the body of a Diamond Dog. Eschewing the usual "Hey, I'm going to Ponyville!" shtick, he sets off on an epic around-the-world voyage of discovery, friendship, and adventure, all the time learning what it means to be one of Equestria's more frowned upon species. He struggles to overcome racial prejudices from everyday ponies as he encounters fearsome creatures, the natural wonders of the world, egotistical villains, and a wisecracking draconequus who loves obscure pop-culture references. This would all be so much easier were it not for the fact that he's mute.
    The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog


    Story: Come to Your Senses (Update Part 7!)

    [Normal] Western time!

    Author: Taren
    Description: Two days before the Founding Festival in Appleloosa, a stallion by the name of Desperado stops in town. Staying with Braeburn until he can get a train out, the stallion must help out the Appleloosans in their hour of need, while also confronting the flaws in his lifestyle.
    Come To Your Senses


    Story: Oh, Octavia! (Update Chapter 8+Sequel!)

    [Shipping] [Normal] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: ScoopDaily
    Description: Everyone knows that Octavia is Equestria's premier music mare, but where and how did she get her start? Finally obtaining an interview with her, Scoop Daily will learn every juicy detail with the help of his magical gifts...
    Oh, Octavia!