• Nightly Roundup #327

    I know it's late, but cake sounds really good right about now. Think if I ask Twilight really nice she'll get me a slice?

    Anyhow, Calpain here again doing the Roundups while PK is in maintenance/adventuring/eating shoes so let's dive into the news shall we?

    Brony Documentary Nears Goal

    This documentary sort of got overshadowed by the de Lancie led effort, but regardless they appear to be close to their goal! So if you're interested in helping out check out the details below:

    The fandom surrounding "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" has exploded in popularity in the past year, but why do people love it so much? And why are they not little girls? The "brony phenomenon" is probably the strangest case of an accidental audience that has ever happened within entertainment. What we want to accomplish in this documentary is to show the world what bronies are from an insider's perspective.
    Saberspark and Paleo are two commentators within the community that voice their opinion on the show as well as goings-on within the fanbase, specifically by making videos on youtube. Together, they have teamed up and helped each other out and created a (mostly) weekly show called Brony Breakdown that explores various news and content from the community, as well as interviewing notable people in the community. Both of them have made long videos explaining the fandom and the show surrounding it. Paleo's video focused more on the show, while Saberspark's "Ballad of the Brony" focused more on the fanbase itself and the phenomenon of Bronies. 
    Although the videos these two have made videos explain why "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" has such appeal and delves a bit into the brony phenomenon;  making a bigger, better documentary explaining this phenomenon would be a perfect milestone for the fandom. To accomplish this, we are going to need to proper equipment and programs for filming our footage, recording our voiceovers, and editing our project. We will also be traveling to various conventions to film.
    Other people involved with this project include the greatly talented TommyXe who will be making our title sequence, as well as the one and only General Mumblecreating the original score for the film.

    Something Random

    Have something random because apparently my brain turns to mush at 3:15am

    Equestria Music Projects

    Looks like the summer projects keep rolling in! Equestria Music has some new fun things brewing that you can check out below:

    Looks like we've got a second project that you guys can take part in, yay~

    So this Summer we have 2 great projects for you all to take part in.
    Our first is our BUCK Tracklist, for those who don't know, Equestria Music will be at BUCK this year, and our main reason being that we are going to be playing music for an hour, but this music isn't JUST going to be the big names like WoodenToaster, The Living Tombstone and JackleApp, no we want you guys to have your music played too! 
    So if you want to enter a song for our tracklist, email your song to us here:
    Subject - BUCK Tracklist

    Now for our second project, this summer we want to get you guys involved in our "Summer Smile Mix," we're looking for music like, for example:
    PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder
    PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and celery stalks
    SoGreatAndPowerful - What went wrong

    If you're interested in our Summer Smile Mix, submit your entry to:
    Subject - SSM

    If you want to submit the same song for BOTH, then make the subject: "Both Projects."
    Important: Music must be in downloadable format e.g. Mediafire, Soundcloud.
    Good Luck! - Harby

    A Special Brony Birthday

    This sweet little story comes to us from the UK where a brony received quite a special birthday from his friends. Check it out below!

    Hello and salutations, my name is Charlie Mac and I recently turned 21. Though I'm getting older, scruffier, and hopefully wiser, I find myself more and more engrossed in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Brony culture. I was turned to MLP by a good friend and soon the whole group was watching, singing and smiling. I'm an American that has been living in England for 5 years now and a few months ago my parents had to move back to the states. I was able to stay in England to study but it has left me feeling quite alone sometimes...

    This year it was the first with my family so far away and I wasn't planning anything, I was just going to let it roll by, maybe have a drink with friends or a single candle in a cupcake. But I received one of the most generous acts of my life. I was invited in to college on a day off to get some extra work done but was surprised to find my Brony buddies had home made a personalized cake for me with Twilight, my represented pony, on top carved out of colored icing. They risked the fire alarm and expulsion by lighting the "21" candle, and we sang. They had done this for me because they knew my family had left and I would be alone. I was really moved by their generosity.

    I came here from far away to learn and experience culture,
    but I made friends and through the tough and the easy we stick together
    It was the best birthday and I have the best friends ever!

     MMMystery Eclairs (Or how Calpain will probably make 10 dozen of these and die happy)

    I actually really love to cook so whenever I see a pony based recipe it puts a smile on my face.

    Derpy Facebook Cover

    Looks like there is a Facebook cover out there for all you Derpy fans! Click for the source.

    Successful Meetups

    Malaysian Meetup

    Dear Princess Luna,

    A very strange thing happened over the weekend. In my search for “fun
    things” I stumbled upon an anime convention..."


    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKVR2cnH36A
    (photo and art gallery combined)

    deviantArt group: http://marelaysian-bronies.deviantart.com/
    Ohio and Michigan Bronies Meetup
    I'm actually from Michigan, so hearing people from around here getting together and having fun is awesome! Hopefully I can get in on one of these meetups someday:

    About 30 bronies from Ohio and Michigan headed up to Cedar Point to hang out all weekend. We ran around the park and rode roller coasters all day Saturday, got sunburnt and didn't care, and covered the sidewalks with ponies. After the park closed, we grilled some delicious burgers by a lakefront cabin, then packed inside to aim a projector at the biggest wall and watch larger-than-life ponies. We were also challenged to write fanfics in 15 minutes, on the backs of paper plates, with crayons, and while not quite sober. (Ridiculousness ensued.) Sunday, we headed to the aptly-named Thirsty Pony, confused the waiter with several pony plushes, and ate some more delicious food. The whole weekend was tremendous fun, and we'll definitely be doing this sort of thing again at some point.

    Full writeup with photos

    Ohio Bronies Forum
    Michigan Bronies Forum 


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Pony RPing Forum Seeks More

    For RPing fans out there we have a forum looking for more people to come and join their ranks. They are heavily OC influenced, but if you want a place for your OC to hang out and have fun check the copy paste for details down below:

    I am part of a group called North Brook, an RP for ponies that focuses on a town found far to the north of Canterlot that suffers from severe snowstorms and low temperatures. The focus is that the town is surviving because of the bonds of friendship everypony holds dear to their heart, helping each other out in everyway possible to keep the town alive. The town is protected by the 1275th Rough Hooves, ordered by Princess Celestia to protect the town form the looming threat of monsters that try to attack the town.

    While we spent a long time designing the plot, environment and the many monsters inhabiting the surrounding area, barely anyone is appealed to this concept and we have no traffic at all, the place is pretty much a ghost town. This is why I'm typing to you, I'm not a regular visitor of Equestria Daily but I am appealing to you to help us out. I've read over the rules of Equestria Daily and have no idea where this forum would be categorised, yes the Forum is based heavily on OCs which might be a no-go for you, but the whole concept is far away from Ponyville or any of the FiM canon so I honestly doubt there is any damage in this. Featured characters are not present and it's definitely not fanfiction. I'm not sure how it works but any shout out would be helpful.

    The link is here: http://1275thmlp.proboards.com/index.cgi

    I remember you did one for Spurring of Darkness, which was where i came from before it was deleted, I sincerely hope you consider doing it again for North Brook, I am not joking when i say you are the last hope for this Forum, we have so much planned and it will be a major upset if those dreams become pipe dreams.

    Thank you kindly for your love and tolerance,

    Firewater Elixer, Moderator of North Brook

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Drawing