• Pony Ads on Youtube: Ponies on PetTV?

    In a stunning development undermining years of scientific research, the supreme court has ruled that magical talking ponies are pets, and not eligible for citizenship and full rights despite being sentient and fully capable of displaying the full range of intelligence, thoughts, and self awareness as human beings. Celestia was unavailable for comment, with a guard adding it was "probably better that we don't talk to her now." Resident glass half full expert Pinkie Pie had this to say: "It sounds like fun! If I'm a pony that's a pet, I can have pony pet play dates even when I'm by myself!" She then proceeded to wave at what looked alarmingly like another Pinkie. More on this as it develops.

    In other news, Hasbro has put up a pair of videos containing clips from Seasons 1 and 2 on youtube, which have reportedly been seen as video ads playing on the popular video sharing site's adsense service. "Starring your favorite pets", these ads continue to spread awareness of pony and provide that first taste of music and colorful equine frendship to all of those too entrenched in their Let's Plays, music videos, and cats-in-boxes to notice them. Check below the break and see the ads for yourself!