• Doctor Whooves Adventures: New Short / Always Faithful Comic / Doctor and Ditzy

    Those crazy people over on the Doctor Whooves Adventures staff have pumped out yet another audio story for you all to listen to while getting RIPPED at the gym.  They also gave me some copy paste:
    Ponyinabox has come out with a new short, Goodnight Goodnight. It was a surprise, broadcast live over Celestia Radio, for their lead voice actress Lauren Goodnight who is currently recovering from PKR surgery. They send their thanks to all who listen and help her to a speedy recovery! All the best from the Ponyinabox crew!
    We also have a slideshow version of that Twilight Sparkle / Celestia comic from a few days ago as a bonus for those that want some sad to go with your lols.

    And I like sandwiching things, so have some comedy to follow with more Doctor and Ditzy! 

    Check them all after the break!