• Nightly Roundup #298

    I really like Chrysalis, but I don't know if I can call her best pony.  Are changlings a variation of ponies?  They have hooves and stuff right?

    Anyway, have some nightly roundup!

    Valve Handbook Mentions Pony

    According to Kotaku, the leaked version of the Valve Handbook actually has this little reference in there. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

    The MMMMmmmm Recreated!

    Wow, that is an epic cake! Have a recipe:

    Cake: Strawberry Layer Cake (Substitute raspberries for strawberries/raspberry jello for strawberry jello. We needed 4x this amount, you may need up to 5x.)
    Marzipan: Rolled Marzipan (4x will be enough plus a bit extra.)
    Almond Paste (for Marzipan): Almond Paste (Again, 4x.)
    Lemon Curd: Lemon Curd Recipe (3x should work. Just follow the curd recipe on this site.)
    Mascarpone Lemon Filling: Lemon + Mascarpone Filling (3x will work. Just use the filling recipe.)
    Meringue Buttercream: Swiss Meringue Buttercream Demystified (You will need at least a full batch of the recipe given here.)
    Meringues (for top of cake): Meringue Cookie Recipe (Minus peppermint. Half a recipe will be more than enough.)

    -Cheshire and JoeyMede

    Queen Chrysalis Supercut

    I love FiM villains, so boastful.

    Past Sins Trailer

    The animation project for Past Sins has released a new simple trailer.  Check it out below!

    White Box Film Adaptation

    Copy Paste:

    Ever seen a fic that you wish could be turned into a movie? So have I,
    and that's exactly what my producers and I are working on. We still
    need a female lead as well as behind the scenes assistance for the
    film adaptation of the brilliant short story "White Box." If you're
    interested and live in the San Diego area, check out the rest of the
    info here!



    Stuff of the Week Episode 10


    Friendship is Madness New Episode


    Everfree Radio Season 2 Review

    Copy Paste:

    EverFree Radio's review of the finale episodes of Season 2 is up! Thanks to all of the fans of the show and of EFR for your devotion, we do this for you! We hope you all enjoyed the end of the season and look forward to the beginning of Season 3 with us. But don't worry, we're not going to be silent until then! We've got a lot of things lined up in the coming months for you all to enjoy: things that will surprise, mystify and leave you speechless. And one big thank you goes out to all those who worked on the show itself, because without you, we wouldn't be here.


    GameFAQs Pony Podcast Tomorrow!

    Copy Paste:
    It is an hour long show in which we mostly discuss video game news, but this week we decided that since we have noticed the ongoing popularity with MLP that we'd have a show with three guests from GameFAQs who are long time fans of the show to come on and tell us why MLP is so popular and why they themselves enjoy the show.

    Our link to the show is gamefaqspodcast.posterous.com and the show will be up tomorrow morning which is Monday April 23rd. 


    Successful Meetups
    Due to the massive amount of successful meetups generated by the finale, I had to skip this! Sorry guys! 40 meetups just isn't possible.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Tera Guild

    Copy Paste:
    Game: TERA
    Server: Arachnaea
    Guild Name: Equestrian Knights
    Guild Leaders: Vandrian and Ralyks

    We are a friendly brony leveling guild on the new MMO TERA and would like to have more people in our rankings. Message Vandrain or Ralyks for a guild invite or open the guild on server list under social menu and look for "Equestrian Knights" and click apply to guild. We will accept you when we someone who can invite is on!

    Edinburgh 2012 Meetup


    Desert Group

    Copy Paste:
    "Welcome Bronies/Pegasister of the High Desert! This page is for fans of My Little Pony and possible new fans who may find an interest into the community. Meet new Bronies and friends from all over the High Desert. Possible meet ups if we get enough members. Eeyup."


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Plushie Spitfire
    Derpy Poster