• LA Times Book Festival Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy Panel

    Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy recently attended a panel at the LA Times book festival, and as is the norm for any event involving people from the show, it was invaded by bronies.

    Someone actually recorded the entire panel! After the break, you will find both embeds of the event, as well as a full writeup detailing what exactly went down.

    The SoCal bronies group today (4/22/2012) had a meetup at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books today, which took place on the campus of the University of Southern California. One of the panels, was a screening at the USC school of Cinematic arts, of the episode, "Read it and Weep" followed by a panel with Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy. I have to say, the panel was awesome. The SoCal Bronies group at least 30 members in attendance (probably a bunch more), and furthermore, of those in attendance total, I would say the majority of the room was also bronies. Ms. Strong and Ms. McCarthy were certainly aware of the brony presence at the panel, and even started the Q and A portion of the panel with an acknowledgement of all the bronies in attendance and thanks for our role in making My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so popular and so successful.

    One of the questions for Tara in particular was very entertaining, as it was asking about how she had heard about the brony fanbase, and also about her presence on Twitter. Her reply was that she was really happy to have a social media tools like Twitter to communicate more directly with fans than ever before, has been pretty vocal on it, and (refering to us in the audience,) stated that "oh, they know what I'm talking about." She then proceeded to get the whole room to sing her "Twilightlicious" song with her. This was awesome!

    Furthermore, I had the idea to bring a quite a few Twilightlicious shirts, which a number of our members wore. I presented both Tara and Meghan with two of these shirts as well, as a token of our appreciation as fans from the SoCal brony group, and as a token of appreciation from the numerous bronies everywhere, for their awesome work, and our love of the show.

    Everypony had a great time getting to meet and speak with Tara and Meghan, take photos with them, and get our Twilightlicious shirts, and other pony memorabilia autographed. I was lucky enough to get both my shirt, and my copy of The Friendship Express, signed. Happy to say that my shirt is now 120% more Twilightlicious =)

    Overall this was a huge success, and in the words of many of us "The best day EVER!"

    Your Faithful Brony,

    CurryKatsu (Jeremy)