• Nightly Roundup #287

    Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game.

    If you disagree with me I will fight you. Meet me in the playground outside the school at 3.

    John Enos Wears Ponies on TV

    John Enos, the host of "The World's Dumbest" on TruTV, showed up hosting a show in his custom pony t-shirt. Check it out here!

    Claire Corlett and Michelle Creber Announce Movie

    ... with a shoutout to bronies to boot! Check it out here.

    Equestria Daily: The Game Has it's Own Gamefaqs page

    Exactly what it says on the tin! Click here.

    Yet Another Poll in which Friendship is Magic is an Option

    Windows is having a poll about their users' favorite shows! Charge!

    Something Pointless

    I have absoltely no idea what's going on here, but maybe you can make more sense of it! So here you go!

    Project: Dear Princess Celestia...

    Have some lengthy copypasta. Lengthy like some delicious angel hair smothered in sauce and... I'll stop.

    This is a comprehensive project to pull together letters from across the globe written by the community about what they have learned in life because of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The letters will be compiled into a book which will be featured in the Traveling Pony Museum and then presented to Lauren Faust as a thank you for all that she’s done and to show her how much we have all grown because of her.

    Submissions :

    Letters should be hand written.

    Typed letters are very strongly discouraged and any who want to submit typed letters should contact [email protected]

    Make it personal. Tell us your story and what MLP has done for you and how it has impacted your life. Have you made more friends, become more of an open and honest person? Write it down and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to draw ponies in the margins or send things with the letter.

    Letters should start with Dear Princess Celestia... 
    and end with Your Faithful Student...
    and signed with your pony persona name.

    If you do not have a pony persona name then just use your real name or a nickname.

    Please send all letters to :

    Megan Youmans (Inky Notebook)
    500 Circle Road
    Stony Brook NY, 11790

    Any questions please email [email protected]

    Spanish At The Gala
    I actually sort of kinda spoke passable Spanish at one point! Not so much anymore. And definitely not Castillian. Anyways, enjoy!

    Graph of the Prices of the Charity Sketches

    Don't really have anything to add for this one, so here you are.

    Brony Mentioned on Local News

     Pony Webcomic Looking for Guest Comics

    Friendship is Dragons, the D&D screencap webcomic, is in the middle of a sabbatical that will be lasting through the end of the month. To make sure its readers don't go without content, it needs guests to fill the space.

    This is a public call for guest artists. There are a minimum of five slots available, starting from April 19th. Any and all contributions would be appreciated.

    Check it out here!


    Voice of Equestria

    We had a bit of a delay, but Voice of Equestria Episode 7 is now up!  Dalken Starbyne found his way onto the show again, and we discuss many ponies and pony-related things.  Come check it out! 
    Rowdy Rough Bronies

    The Rowdy Rough Bronies are back with a vengeance! We review a episode, talk about stuff, and we get a clip we can only play once!!! Your going to enjoy this episode. Be forewarned this episode is quite NSFW~ 

    Check it out here! 

    Successful Meetups

     Mexico Iron Pony Competition

    Looks like a lot of fun! Check it out here.
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

      We gathered at Sandia Bowl, which was surprisingly empty for a Saturday evening.  A few of us were there before 5pm, and the rest trickled in.  We totaled seven attendees, three from the abqbronies group on Rainbowdash.net and four more from Equestria Daily.  (Thanks for posting our notice, guys!)  We enjoyed two hours of bowling and several games of pool while talking about the show and other topics.  The pizza was delicious, and the jukebox played appropriate bowling music.  We decided to meet up again to watch the Royal Wedding in two weeks, and over summer for social activities such as Cliff's Amusement Park, Putt-Putt minigolf, and other events.  Join our RDN group to be part of the discussion, or just bookmark it to watch for the time and date of the Royal Wedding viewing party.

     Tonight, the Colorado Bronies flocked from around the state to Denver, all for one purpose: To race go-karts and go fast!  Some were clear front runners, beating out everyone else by full a full second or more on their best lap, but EVERYONE had fun! After everyone participated in a few races, we headed to a nearby ice cream shop for sundaes and general pony discussion.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    Check it out here! Also some copypasta.

    It is on the 21st on in Railroad Park
    1600 1st Ave South, Birmingham, Alabama, 35233

    We plan to watch the season finale while we are there.  While the plan is still in the works, if you are around the area and want to meetup, check out the Facebook page.

    Also, check out the Facebook group here.

    I hope to see plenty of Alabama bronies there as we watch the season finale, and the most over-the-top TV wedding in history.

    KShrike and Meshach
     Equestria Life Forum

    They need more members! Go here, guys!
    World of Warcraft Guild

    A few of  the bronies from www.Bungie.net and I have begun to play World of Warcraft together, on the server of Anvilmar.  We are a humble guild of ten members named <The New Lunar Republic>.  I was wondering if you could add this into your nightly update. 

    The users are Docbb, Pieslayer, Waposizeit, Avagantimos, Wolfeman, Moregen, Elihad, and Celustia. 
     Mississippi State University Group

    Mississippi State has our own little brony club. We've been around for around two months now and we figured its about time to get out name out there. The groups name is Starkquestria and we meet for two hours every week and usually average around 15-20 members at each meeting.

    Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Frank and I’m a brony from Canada. I recently just opened up a new group on facebook for bronies from the Moncton region of New-Brunswick. We have a few members at the moment, but we are looking to find a few new members and show the bigger provinces that we are capable of keeping up with everyone. We opened it up so that bronies know that others are always there to help with anything in our region. This summer we would like to have a few activities and meetups like Brony paintball and such and we need new admins.

    Link is here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Fluttershy Plushie
    Pinkie Pie Painting
    Cupcake Sticker