• Introducing: Artist Livestream Nights

    Like, as an official thing we do.

    Seth has done a few of these things at random times, but now I'm making them more of a structured night everyone can look forward to. The gist, for those unfamiliar, is this: artists who feel comfortable livestreaming themselves doing art for the internet can contact us and appear on the Livestream Night posts that will be upcoming. Sound like fun?

    You bet it does. I bet you want nitty gritty details. Check after the break, artists.

    Here's the deal:

    • I will feature three artists a night, chosen at random. I'll try to mix up the participants to make sure everyone gets the chance at some spotlight.
    • I will make a post every Wednesday and Saturday night at 6:00PM blog time with that night's artist participants. That means the next post goes up on the evening of the 14th. 

    If you want to participate, add your name to the list by sending an email to the submit box titled LIVESTREAM: <your name>. Include the time you will be doing your stream.You will be put in the queue for being selected. Please include a sample piece of art for the post, as well as a quality spot-check. I will throw out emails for artists that are not made by the artist themselves, so don't worry about people putting your name in if you don't want to appear.  I'll be sure to let you know if your name will be appearing in the upcoming post at least a day in advance.

    You can start and end your stream at any point during the evening. I will be putting the times you gave me in the post so people know when to join. 

    There's only one rule I have to enforce: obviously, try to steer away from any NSFW art during your stream. We want these to be as clean as possible so as many people as possible can join and watch. 

    Alright, get to submitting your name. If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments.