• The Rise of The Living Tombstone - He's on Tour In the USA Now!

    So many of the horse famous have fallen out of whatever they were well known for over the years, from musicians to artists, regular jobs gobble them up and we never hear from them again. A few make it huge though, and The Living Tombstone is one of them!

    Ever since popping up around the start of the fandom, his Youtube channel has skyrocketed in interested, starting with entirely pony originals and remixes. Eventually he started breaking into other fandoms like Five Nights at Freddies and pretty much anything memeworthy at all, with loads of original songs sprinkled throughout. One thing is for sure, he never stopped. His channel is a flood of content and always following whatever everyone is into at any given moment.

    And with that, he's now on tour in the USA with loads of shows already sold out. If you want to see him and his band in person, they have a list of locations around the USA over here. Check out a video below for what this looks like!

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