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    Opinions on Hitch and Primrose
    By Double C

    If there is one thing Hitch has been to many fans is each fans opinions of who he will end up with. He is usually shipped with each member of the new Mane 6 but Sunny and Zipp being the most popular and most sense. Sunny being his childhood friend which has been seen in other shows has always been a popular concept with them starting out as friends to being a couple. Zipp has hung out with him the most with solving cases to caring for Sparky which shows their similarity interest to would get them close. But what would surprise some is someone has developed a crush on Hitch and her name is Primrose. She made her first apperence in the viedeo game My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure who has not yet appeared in the comics or YouTube.

    She shows at times embarrassed and very shy but on others she is appreciative and kind. These traits are similar to Fluttershy to which Hitch has been compared to both in communicating with animals and representing kindness. So this would make sense that she has a crush on him because the two show the same traits as Fluttershy.

    There are many plots that she would play in that would involve Hitch. One of them is her babysitting Sparky when Hitch’s friends are too busy. She would have some trouble at first dealing with a baby dragon but finds a way to handle Sparky.

    Like many other characters in the MLP franchise, Primrose doesn’t get much attention which is sad for a character with potential. While she is kind and cute but she will have a long way to compete with Sunny and Zipp to win Hitch’s heart.
    It’s Time for the G5 Hate To Stop
    By: Javier Velez

    Okay, where do I even begin? We’re like almost 2 and a half years into G5 and I just can’t stand all of the hate videos out of G5.

    From the moment the movie came out, people started criticizing G5 for being so disrespecting G4 lore, I just found that argument to be just stupid.

    It only got worse when both Tell Your Tale and Make Your Mark were first announced, as they had the nerve to criticize the new voice actors that got brought in. Like, did you expect Hasbro to keep Hollywood-styled voice actors? That’s never going to happen in a million years.

    When TYT and MYM came out, that’s when the unnecessary hate started to reach the breaking point, and don’t even get me started with the fact that they had the nerve to criticize on who should replace Sunny as the main protagonist of the generation. That was just unnecessary, because Sunny is the perfect pony to be the main protagonist.

    To me, the main people who took G5 way too far are Star Strike and MasterCode. I mean, their Chapter 6 reviews were pretty bad, but their collab on why MYM was a “failure” was just the worst review out of MYM, and the main person who TYT too far was Addy Lovestar, I mean, most of the time he acts like he hasn’t watched the show and keeps waiting for a new episode to come out so that way he could rant about it. Even with the recent special, The Blockywockys, he rants about it.

    Another stupid argument is that people don’t like Opaline as a villain. I mean, I like her a villain with her villainous musical numbers, but most of the time I think she’s treated as a joke, I mean, I may not like Opaline, but I won’t go as far as say that I can’t like her as a villain.

    And finally, the stupidest argument is the fact that the dragons have “pony-like” designs, and the fact that somebody on YouTube said that the dragons are “Spyro clones”. This argument on the dragons’ designs is freaking stupid because all it does is waste my time. For me, I love every single G5 dragon, as they are much better than their G4 predecessors. Spike, Blaize Skysong, Luxxe, Leaf, Fountain, Tumble, Lava, Jade, and Sparky Sparkeroni are just the perfect dragons for my taste.

    All in all, I think people need to stop disrespecting G5 too much. Yes, it’s better than G4 in a lot of areas, but that’s not the excuse for the people who are taking it way too seriously. This G5 hate has gotta end.
    The G5 Games Are Too Expensive For The Amount of Content
    By: Ragesurix

    Is anyone else amazed at how silly it is that people are paying 40 dollars for games with only 2-3 hours of content? Cause that's the two G5 gaves we've gotten so far. They barely have ANY content at all, padded with stupidly easy mini games and very little pony customization.

    These are 10 dollar games, tops. There are so many better ways to spend your money in gaming. Even if you just want to oggle cute ponies, there are so many better options out there on the fan side from LoE to Pony Town to Second Life, and all of them have better mini games.

    My parents bought me a lot of garbage games as a kid, and it's sad that kids these days deal with the same thing thanks to stuff like this. Cash grabs that are just riding a brand name for innocent parents to pick up for their kids. If you are a parent, do them a huge favor and go pick them up a real game. A cute platformer like Hat in Time will entertain them for LOADS more hours than this nonsense ever will.

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