• The Flood of AI Art In EQD's Submit Box

    Art submissions are the bulk of what EQD gets every single day, and for the past few months the AI submissions have been absolutely nuts, with a whopping 8 of them today from all different email addresses. Since half of them actually do say they are AI and are not trying to be sneaky about it, I think we need another clarification post.

    So, head on down below for EQD's official stance on AI art submissions, fully clarified for all to hopefully stop spamming us!

    The general gist here is we do not take AI art submissions at all. While there is some argument to be made that prompting something 100 times, inpainting, and learning all the tricks and secrets until you get a good one is a pretty long process, it comes nowhere near the thousands of hours actual artists put into honing their craft. 

    In the end, you are a prompter, not an artist. At least in the sense of what we post here on EQD in Drawfriend posts. While there is an obvious difference between a good prompter and a bad prompter, and even an artistic eye vs someone who can't see obvious flaws. It's still not the same as someone drawing something from scratch, which is what we focus on spotlighting here on EQD. 

    I don't care if you play with AI. I and many others do all the time. I've said it before, education on what it's capable of is a better solution than censoring it. I'd rather everyone mess around with it and see what it can do than fall for obvious AI on social media. People are going to generate art, and it's only going to get more common as consumer grade PC's get more and more powerful. Hell, even my ancient GTX 1080 can do it, albeit painfully. In 5 years? You will probably be able to run a better model than what have now right on your phone.  And a LOT of people are doing it with completely open source software than no one can really do anything about. The biggest pony Discord server these days is an AI art server and it shows.

    Of course, this doesn't include using AI tools. Every high end art program has it baked in at this point, and it's understandable that an artist will use it to speed up some of the more tedious tasks. I honestly have no idea how we would even go about judging that and don't even really want to. Witch hunting artists for how much they've used assistance seems silly. It's about as useful traditional artists complaining about digital artists back in the 2000's.

    So, TL;DR we don't take AI art submissions, but feel free to play with it and learn what to look out for so you don't get scammed/tricked.

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