• Discussion: Embarassing Parts of Being a Brony



    What's something about being a Brony/being in the fandom that is embarassing to you?  What's the part of this whole experience that you really don't want to talk about with others outside of the fandom (keep it PG please x_x)?

    Honestly, over the years I've lost a lot of my lingering embarassment because everyone in my family and all my friends know I'm into this stuff by now.  Nothing about the show or going to cons is particularly embarassing because I own it, so I even tell my peers exactly what it is now (because going to cons requires me to take time off).

    If I had to say something that would be pretty embarassing to me though though, it'd be my parents finding out I've got this girl in my room:

    It's not even what it is that's an issue.  The problem is that I spent 2000 dollars on it when I really shouldn't have.  That one might be a little hard to explain x_x.

    What about you?  What's your embarassment about being a Brony?  Or are you just completely fine telling anyone and everyone about it at this point?  Discuss Below.

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