• Discussion: Could AI Ever Be Used Fairly in Official Content Creation?



    There's been a lot of drama in the fandom with AI lately.  I know you've been hearing about it a decent amount on this blog, so I'm sorry for that if you are tired of it.  I've got a different kind of question to ask about it today though.  How would you feel if Hasbro decided they were going to make a G6 in the future, but it would lean heavily on AI for its creation (ignoring any SAG-AFTRA implications here)?  What if they were completely transparent about all of it and never lied about how it was used in any way?  What would have to be done to make it ethical, if anything even could be done in your opinion?

    This one is definately a tough one.  In principle I am inclined to say that it can't be done; that using AI for creative works on a corporate level is just too far past the threshold of what should be fairly allowed.  But in a scenario where an artist specifically is tasked with generating source images to be fed into AI for the sole use to creating the show, and this is transparantly communicated, it could be okay.  It is controvertial for sure.

    The same principle could be applied for voice acting.  The artists and voice actors would have to be fairly compensated for their work though.  Perhaps some kind of AI royalty system would have to be enstated contractually?  I'm not sure, but that could be an avenue for this moving forward.  If people are not going to be working because AI is trained on their work, paying them out a royalty for every use would keep them paid fairly and also allow them to relax or work elsewhere.  However, I'm not sure that is sustainable on a large scale; there might not be enough jobs to go around.

    What do you think?  It's certainly a hot topic right now.  Discuss Below.

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