• OpenPonies Ran a Goth Party! Have a Gallery of Edgy 3D Horses

    The ponies of Baltimare ran a goth event last week, where everyone dressed their ponies and dyed their manes in colors and concepts that would make even the shadowiest lunch table at your local high school jealous. Expect gothic clothing, edgy accessories, bat wings, and style. We gothic now.

    Of course, if you want to make a Popen, you can find the guide for that over here. And thanks a ton to Marble Pie for both hosting this event and taking all of these pictures, and Neri for setting up the edgy scenery! 

    Head on down below to check these bringers of darkness out in all of their horrific glory~

    Message from Marble:

    "I am known in Second Life as Marble (marbiepie) and I make use of the 'Black Dragon' viewer to take pretty pictures of pretty ponies. I do this as a hobby for friends and just about anyone that simply asks me to take some. I often take photos for use in Ads in the Second Life Marketplace for the creators of Open Pony, Hmart! You've probably seen me in a few photos already, most notably my Angel Pony as either a Mare or a Stallion. If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached in-world in Second life under the username 'marbiepie' or on discord as Messenger#0312"