• P@D Zenith Release Party Happens May 21st

    Ponies At Dawn is releasing their next big album this month, with a launch party on the 21st of the month for everyone that wants to see it DJ'd live. Most of the big name musicians have a spot on this one. Head on down below the break for the press release!

    Press Release: 

    'Ponies At Dawn presents our 25th album, Zenith! We are thoroughly honoured to be able to create and release our albums to such a wonderful audience for so long a time, and to be able to celebrate 25 albums is a special milestone for us. For this album all the musicians who submitted were asked to put their best foot forward - and it's certainly shown with a multitude of amazing tracks across numerous different genres and styles. 

    You can pre-order the album here: https://poniesatdawn.bandcamp.com/album/zenith

    The album will be showcased in full via a live audio stream on PonyvilleFM, with the album releasing towards the end of the stream. The stream will be hosted by Lycan and Dijit, and will take place on the 21st of May from 6PM EDT/10PM UTC until 1:30AM EDT/5:30AM UTC. The album release will have some special DJ segments before and afterwards to complement the release, which we also encourage people to tune in for. 

    You can join in with the fun directly and interact with each other and fans by hopping into PonyvilleFM’s discord server during the release stream! We will also be broadcasting the PVFM audio stream into Pony Town’s event server, where people can come in and dance along with the release using pony avatars! The Pony Town server will be opened on the day of the album release, but you can make an account and design your character beforehand.

    PonyvilleFM: https://ponyvillefm.com/
    PonyvilleFM Stream: https://ponyvillefm.com/player
    PonyvilleFM Discord: https://discord.gg/6WCgzHm
    Pony Town Event Server: https://event.pony.town/

    Once released, the album will be able to be downloaded for any price, including $0! The album will also be available on Spotify and other streaming services. All donations towards the album go towards supporting the musicians who take part in our albums and help make sure they're as amazing as possible.

    Many thanks,
    Ponies At Dawn'