• 26 More of the Best Fluttershy Fanfics to Read for Fluttershy Day!

    Fluttershy day fanfics have arrived! What crazy stories has the fandom come up with starring her over the years? This list is different from last year, so if your favorite isn't here, check those old posts or just go read more Flutter fics anyway!

    Now go get shy pony stories below, and thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them for us.


    Slice of Life




    Beyond the Herd by Impossible Numbers


    Apple Bloom wants to grow up. She's sure she does. Surrounded by the family that founded a town, shaped it, and made it what it is today, she finds herself all the more invested in becoming a part of this legacy.

    Yet as Apple Bloom's interest in the legacy grows, so does her interest in a pony who never had one.

    After all, sometimes there's a good reason to step outside. To fly on your own. To look beyond the herd.


    Chores at the Cottage by SockPuppet


    Fluttershy ruffles Princess Luna's feathers.


    Carousel Designs, LLP. by Taialin


    Orders. They're something Rarity's been getting more and more of lately, and they've been causing her no end of stress. When she finally cracks under the pressure, there's only one pony who can offer her help. Fluttershy, however, has her own problems to deal with, and they're just as dire as Rarity's.

    Perhaps they could cooperate and find a mutually beneficial solution . . .


    Windfall by Warren Hutch


    Windfall takes place seven years after FiM's main timeline. The Elements of Harmony have gone their separate ways, but are still close, and all the girls come running to be there on the eve of Fluttershy bringing her first foal with Big Macintosh into the world.


    Winter's Horizon by DemonBrightSpirit


    As winter looms, Fluttershy dreads the lonely months ahead. Surprisingly, she finds comfort in a small filly that shares her loneliness.


    History Repeats by Bookish Delight


    As the Grand Galloping Gala draws to a close, tensions linger from Discord and Fluttershy's fight. Discord, nervous and remorseful, is afraid to approach her. Meanwhile, Fluttershy regrets yelling at him, even while knowing better.

    The good news: Fluttershy knows she can set everything right again.

    The bad news: it's going to require her to come to grips with old wounds.


    Tricks and Treats by ambion


    Tonight, nopony can tell Us off for the nostalgic use of the royal plural. For it is Nightmare Night, the most wondrous night there is! We have prepared for it rigorously, and face the coming 'celebrations' and 'festivities' with readiness!


    Free by Martian


    Break the bonds.









    The Sweet Sounds of Spring by Rambling Writer


    Fluttershy finds birdsong wonderful. Regardless of what that birdsong is about.


    Anchor Foal: A Romantic Cringe Comedy by Estee


    Discord has one friend. One. A single tie binding him to Equestria, a lone strand of pink tail hair keeping him in some sort of line. His interest in the world's welfare may exactly equal that of his friend's lifespan -- unless there's a next generation for him to adore. And so in the name of the realm's survival, Fluttershy is going to start dating, with Equestria's greatest expert in attracting ponies as her very reluctant prison-sentenced advisor. All Fleur has to do if she ever wants to come home again is get the world's most socially hesitant pony happily married off and pregnant, while constantly keeping Discord in the dark about what's truly happening.

    What could possibly go wrong?


    Talk Dirty To Me by naturalbornderpy


    Following another date together, Discord asks Fluttershy to talk dirty to him.

    Perhaps he should've been clearer about it.









    Coccinellidaephobia by Muramasa


    After an awkward incident with Twilight at Sunday brunch, Fluttershy notices something strange happening to her garden.


    In Birdsong by themoontonite


    Fluttershy is a private mare. She keeps to herself when she can afford to, much preferring the company of animals to ponies. She doesn't like to really say why that is. She doesn't know how to tell anypony what happened. She doesn't know how to explain it or even where to start.

    She just wonders if anypony else has heard the singing too.


    The Corpse Bride by Bad Horse


    Discord found love, and Equestria peace, through his union with Fluttershy, till death do them part.

    But what happens after that?


    Yellow Immortality by Estee


    It's all in the color, isn't it? We've seen it time and time again. There's a certain limited range of shades which guarantee survival. In fact, that part of the color wheel means staying in the world whether you want to or not, even if you should have passed on long ago.

    So in the end, it's not that her fur means Fluttershy CAN'T die. It's more that the network isn't going to LET her.


    Tinnitus by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Let me tell you a story about the bad place.


    Paradise by RarityRoyale


    Fluttershy is wondering why her friends have been acting oddly around her. Meanwhile, the rest of the Mane six are at a loss as to how to deal with her.









    In the Garden by Nailah and Ninjadeadbeard


    Fluttershy asks Applejack to help her with her garden, but the truth is, Fluttershy really wants to learn about Earth Pony magic, and she might also maybe like the earth pony more than she knows.


    The Perfect Drink by GaPJaxie


    Every year, on Hearthswarming, Berry Punch makes a drink for Fluttershy. One perfect drink.


    More Than Trust by TheTalentlessPony


    Weeks have past since Tirek had been defeated. Life in Ponyville is back to normality, and Discord couldn't be happier, especially given the fact that all of his friends had forgiven his betrayal.

    However, lately he's noticed that Fluttershy doesn't act like herself. She's constantly tired, a bit moody, and overall just not-Fluttershy. She claims to be fine, but Discord is done hearing that excuse.

    And he will find out what's wrong. He has to...


    Playing House by Krickis


    Sunset’s life is far from glamorous, but when she learns that Fluttershy has it even worse, Sunset can’t help but take it upon herself to solve her friend’s problems and give her a safe place to live.

    For Fluttershy, the invitation is a shelter from the storm she’s spent years living in fear of. For Sunset, it becomes the hope to be part of a family for the first time in her life.









    The Fluttershy Effect (Chaos Theory in Action, With Several Impossible Practical Applications) by Mockingbirb


    Fluttershy's friends might call the gentle pegasus sensitive. But they don't know the half of it.

    What is she always so afraid of, anyway?

    And why is SHE the one pony who can go toe-to-toe with the Avatar of Chaos himself?


    Cowering Heroism by GMBlackjack


    Who is Fluttershy?

    A young prodigy training to hunt the monsters that plague her world. She's wanted nothing else her entire life, and now that dream may be threatened...


    Mission of Mercy by Trick Question


    While in the market, Fluttershy witnesses a strange pony appear out of thin air. Fluttershy and her friends want to help the stranger, but the mare's problem goes far beyond anything they've encountered before. It might take a unique perspective on friendship to solve the problem.

    As it turns out, Fluttershy has one of those.









    The Fluttershy Effect by Masem


    After the ineffective advice from Iron Will, Pinkie takes the timid Fluttershy under her hooves to teach her to face her fears, at the same time that Twilight and her friends notice things have gone very much amiss around Ponyville.


    Last of the Dragonlords by Fluttershy20


    For Fluttershy it was suppose to be a normal day: meet up with Rarity for their weekly get together, get some apples from the market, then go home and tend to her animal friends. Then a dragon attacks the town and her life is changed forever.

    She walks away from the attack, but not unchanged. She now has the ability to walk through fire without getting hurt, her hearing and eyesight have greatly improved, and she could speak a language that nopony, not even Princess Celestia, knows.

    Dertermined to find out what happened to her, Fluttershy, along with her friends, head north to find a pony who could give her the answers she needs. Will she find what she was looking for? and if so, would she want them in the end?