• Pony Compilation Album! Pony Family - Busy Having Fun

    A "pony compilation album" series containing only pony tracks, Pony Family is a project I created to bring more exposure to the awesome and heartfelt fan works made by the day in the pony music scene! While most of the tracks in this album were already released, 5 of them are brand new and seeing the light of day now through this album! Namely, track #1 Avery Mare-ry Medley covers MLP theme songs with much heart and soul, track #4 The Alicorn Amulet is depicting dark vibes from playing with the powerful magic of the amulet Tripon-style, track #7 Twice Upon A Kingdom is such an emotional collab filled with pony vocal chops emotion, track #10 Unbound is quite emotional as well and has a concept explained in the description on Bandcamp, and the final track of the album Onto Another Call of Destiny is calling for more pony adventures in the future!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here!