• New Spike Book Apparently Coming to Finland - My Little Pony. Poni nimeltä Spike (Pony Named Spike)

    I was not expecting something from G4 outside of the comics to be our news today, but a new book has been listed over on a Finnish book site called "Poni nimeltä Spike", translating to "Pony Named Spike". It's apparently arriving in on October 4th, so just a few months away. We don't have any information on if there will be an official English translated version of it considering the author is Finnish, but I'm sure one of you crazy industrious fandom goers will translate it if we never do.

    For now, there is always Google. I've popped their translation of the description down below.

    When the dragon became a pony!

    In the richly illustrated, easy-to-read children’s novel, Princess Twilight Sparkle’s beloved dragon helper Spike turns into a pony for one day.

    Spike has spent his entire life with ponies, so it’s no wonder he feels more like a pony than a dragon. At times, though, Spike feels like an outsider because he doesn’t know what it feels like to gallop with pony friends on adventures and doesn’t have a Cutie Mark until magic comes to his aid and makes his dreams come true.

    The stunning pony illustrations have been conjured up by internationally acclaimed illustrator Anthony Conley, who has drawn both SpongeBob SquarePants and Group Search puppies.

    The warm-hearted, humorous story is suitable only for those who have learned to read but also for older pony fans or for children under school age to read aloud.
    Thanks to Sweet Velvet for sending it cause she's best batty and this site is only around still so I can force you to love her.