• More Pony Music! (And Lots Of Bonuses!) Pony Tributes and Brony Spirit!

    It's been a minute, but here's the new More Pony Music post! And as always in addition to the pony music I'm including a lot more of the various pony mixes, endeavors, miscellaneous experiences and shenanigans from the community in the "Omake" part at the end of the post, and this time we've got a particularly eclectic stash of stuff! As for the regular music compiled in this post, there are various pony themes ranging from Octavia to Rarity to Celestia to Sombra to Scootertrix to G5!! And Dandelion is spreading some more needed brony spirit with feature #13! And don't forget the Treasure Chest at the end of the post as always! Check it all out below the break, and keep up the pony party everypony!

    1. Koron Korak - Octavia Dead and Unforgiven (Covering AaRD)

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    A cover performed while stuck in dark depths, it's also a promise of hope and finding the light again! I didn't know about AaRD by the way, so I went and checked all their songs on their channel and saved them, 28 of them, great stuff!

    2. Thunder Dash - Toccata of The Fashionista

    Instrumental - Piano Solo

    An elegant tribute to Rarity by way of a Toccata! I'm sure she would approve!

    3. Nick Wemyss - The Waiting Room

    Vocal - Electronic

    Giving subtle Rainbow Factory vibes, this Electronic/rap song by a new pony musician entering the scene, Nick Wemyss, is showing a lot of potential!

    4. Noizzer - Fiction

    Instrumental - Experimental/Ambient

    A "filler album" from Noizzer, it's still a delight! That cover art is a ponification of Slipknot's album "MFKR" by the way, and that's so awesome!

    Listen to/download the album from Bandcamp here!

    Also check out Noizzer's other recent album, Lost Gems that is quite literally a collection of lost gems from previous pony projects/albums that were conducted meanwhile!

    5. Dandelion, Alex & msNorthern Unicorn - Oblivion for Celestia

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Loosly based on Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla, this tribute to Celestia is so thoughtful and lovely, and everypony did amazing with their contribution to the grand piece!

    6. Nick Wemyss - Scootertrix the Abridged Main Theme (Covering Erich Zimbauer)

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    For the fans of the animations on Scootertrix Studios' channel, Nick Wemyss made an Orchestral cover of the theme song from 2014/2015! Link to the original track in the description!

    7. Harmonic Six - Smile Song (Ponkavator Cover)

    Instrumental - Elevator Music

    Such lovely and fun initiatives are always so welcome! This is short yet so cute and sounding great too! A quality "Elevator Music" cover of the Smile Song for sure!

    8. Lord Sunfyre - Generations

    Vocal - Alt. Rock/Punk Pop

    Another song following up on the G5 hype!!

    9. Skyshard - One Last Stand

    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral

    Skyshard's track One Last Stand got included in ASOS Biscuit, and it's well deserved since this epic adventure through a journey of sounds is quite breathtaking!

    10. MidnightFritz - Sombra's Eyes of Darkness

    Instrumental - Metal

    MidnightFritz delivers the Metal for a heavy theme song for King Sombra! It's definitely very cool and Sombra should be thankful for this!

    11. Japkozjad - Lunar Drop

    Vocal - Electro House

    Luna is leading the party at night! Her almighty Lunar Drop will make you shake your tail, courtesy of Japkozjad!

    12. Thrasher - breaking_point

    Instrumental - Industrial Metal

    New epic song from Thrasher in their signature style!

    13. Dandelion - Xenophobia

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    Some sad events happened in the real world, and Dandelion saw fit to call for brony spirit in the hopes of changing the world! Let us keep working hard on making this world a little more like Equestria, my brethren! There are bad apples everywhere, but if real bronies work together we can make a difference!

    14. GLIMM - Stony Pony

    Vocal - Lo-fi

    GLIMM's newest song is so righteous...

    15. Arzterrent, goat, popstonia, SOUND BANDIT & Toasterless - HOOVESTOMP

    Vocal - Hyperpop

    A new fun Hyperpop collab from Sound Bandit & The Gang!

    16. Power Note - Envol

    Instrumental - Future Bass

    A song beautifully depicting flight among the clouds ("Envol" means "Flight" in French) and reflecting the amazing artwork by Anticular featured in the video!


    Prowox @ Ponies Online 2021

    StealingShad3z - Reforming (EFNW19 Live)

    Metal PMV - Ten Thousand Hooves (Reupload)

    Koron Korak - Brony Flag [Epic Short Intense]

    HittCell - Ponies At Dawn Mix 6 (Ignite, Eclipse, Introspection)

    Pingle - Shyii Sports [Ponydub]

    Bolt the Super-Pony - Live @ PonyFest Online #PFOConcert! (2020)

    Xol The Great - Flutterstache

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!