• Equestria Girls "So Much More to Me" Follow Up


    So this week we’re approaching Fluttershy Day so I’m getting a head start with a music video about there being more to our little shy gal. Nothing says “check out how not shy I am” than singing to a crowd of pets while at the shelter. Probably not my preferred set up of performances, but anything with cute animals is fine with me. If I were to give this a moral, it would be not to underestimate the shy ones. As quiet or reserved as they are, they might surprise you with a gift or talent that makes them shine the brightest. Either that or make sure the door is locked before doing karaoke. Let’s get some fun pop music going from our little Flutters and see what the pets get to enjoy when we’re not around.




    So I’ve always liked the parallels to jobs when it comes to the pony and human counterparts. Like pony Twilight staying and somewhat working at a library while Sci Twi works at an electronics store. Or how pony Pinkie lives and works for a bakery compared to human Pinkie working at a diner. With Fluttershy, I don’t think I really knew what her job was in the pony world. Yes, she took care of animals, but they weren’t anyone’s pet. She helped Rainbow Dash find a pet among them, but I don’t see many trying to adopt the bear she’s usually taking care of. They gave her the animal sanctuary in Season 7, but who pays for it exactly? Is it non-profit? At least in the human world we see she actually works/volunteers at an animal shelter. My slight concern is that we randomly see her with other animals from this shelter, so how is she allowed to take animals from here to sometimes keep in her backpack during school? As far as I know Angel has been her main pet. Ugh! Too many theories! We’re moving on!


    Well it looks like she’s still got a bit of the stage fright about singing at a karaoke party with her friends. Definitely a moment before Filli Vanilli in Season 4. Except about singing in a cafeteria with her friends or being in a band with them on stage. Nope. Still shy about singing if it’s around her friends. Just a thought.


    And just like every other introvert, we wait until the coast is clear to use anything in our hands as a microphone and start our own performance. The difference here is that it’s Fluttershy and we know she can sing compared to possibly hurting out ankles doing a stage dive off the bed. Wouldn’t know anything about that though. Love the shadows in this shot. 


    I always  have to appreciate the little moments of Angel Bunny not being a pest and having some genuine fun with Fluttershy. These moments are few and at least in this world Angel isn’t just a rude little brat. Also, can we notice that Fluttershy is basically spawning glitter while she sweeps. Know any Disney princesses that can do something like that? Didn’t think so.


    “I don’t need a stage to sing!”

    Really good message here. Fluttershy is someone who can have fun doing what she loves without having people notice her. In a world of Likes, Follows, and Shares, we forget that we can do things not to get noticed, but just because we like to do it. She doesn’t need praise or attention for doing something she just loves because she just loves to sing. Also, one of my favorite outfits of hers. I love this soft green dress with these long sleeves. It feels so reserved but dazzling at the same time. And let’s not forget the glow up for the broom into this kind of creepy cat microphone. The smile is just a bit too big for my taste.


    Obligatory cute animals because it’s cute animals. Don’t need a reason. I do like how it’s just the smaller animals at the shelters. Not getting Saint Bernard or a Rottweiler on these little sound bars anytime soon. And I gotta give credit to Angel Bunny killing it with this fedora and matching bowtie. It’s giving me mini Michael Jackson vibes. At most I think the cat with the yellow ribbon might be a bit confused about where all this came from. He has the face that reads “where did these light up platforms come from? Why is it already night time?”


    “I’m not shy. Look close and you will see there’s so much more to me.”

    Oh Fluttershy. Don’t be telling them half truths in your own song now. Your name literally has “shy” in it. But regardless of snark, there is always more to someone than what you see on the outside and Fluttershy is a good example of someone trying to show more of her inside outward. She can be reserved but not about things she’s truly passionate about. Se can be quiet, but belt out songs like this at the top of her lungs. This was a good line for anyone who wouldn’t even think there is more to them just because they’re a bit introverted.


    Yep. Using the hair brush as a microphone. Common theme with singing alone somewhere. And even while singing, she’s still able to do her job. Great multi-tasking there Flutters. 


    Even with wanting to sing some more, she quiets down when just taking out the garbage around other people. There don’t even look mean or anything. Just waving and saying hi. I know Fluttershy has problems around other people, but as the Element of Kindness, does running away from a waving person without waving back ok to do? Might be knit picky on my end, though. 


    Oh yeah we’re going full on music video mode here with overlapping shots like this and having both versions of Fluttershy in one shot singing together. The voice actress is really giving it her all in this song and it’s so fun to listen to. 


    If I can’t unsee this, none of you will be able to, either. But this was a cute scene. She just loves her friends this much that they randomly spawned in from jumping on a trampoline or something. And they seem to be having just at much fun as well.


    Best face of the video. We all have had this face when getting caught doing something we didn’t want someone to hear or know about. And all the sparkles Fluttershy. You know you’re gonna have to clean all that up, right?


    Ok there could be a couple theories on why this moment happened. Did Fluttershy really spawn a bunch of glitter just from singing by herself? Is it magic and Sunset is able to just see it because she knows about magic? Even during the music video Fluttershy didn’t grow wings or pony up like anyone would during music numbers, but then again I guess she wasn’t playing her tambourine so it doesn’t count? Disney princesses in different universes are strange.


    Well at least Fluttershy is always down to go to a movie with everyone. Fluttershy is your shift even over before you leave to go to the movies? Meh. I don’t care. Not like she probably doesn’t practically live there anyway. The person running the shelter probably have to tell her to go home by force.

    And that was So Much More to Me, a fun music video to honor all the closeted singers and introverts not trying to stand out in a crowd. Fluttershy gets a lot of backlash as the fan favorite and least favorite. I guess not many people like the idea of having a character re-learn the same things over and over again (*ahem* Fame and Misfortune *cough, cough*). But that never stops us from appreciating the better moments of Fluttershy being more than just a shy and quiet girl. She can be resourceful, understanding, and even sassy and when we see those moments, it’s not only funny but well deserved. She’s top 3 for favorites since anyone, including me, can relate to not having the voice or confidence to stand up for yourself or show your presence. But it never stops her from being the kind, sweet and understanding pony we all know and love to cherish. There will always be so much more to her than most people will know, but as long as her friends know it, she’ll be just fine. I’m Penny Wrights and now I feel the need to adopt a cat or two…or six…or ten. I think I might be in trouble.