• Trance Sensations & Pony Vocal Chops Music: NeighGative_ - Sensations [Trance]

    Everypony go hug Brilliant Venture and congratulate him for the successful launch of his new alias NeighGative_!! That alias has a whole deep concept reminiscent of the Persona games that you can read about from the description, and it will focus on Trance music, a meaningful and beloved genre for the passionate musician! It's a very special genre for me too, and you can read more about the reasons behind that from the description as well, as written by Brilliant! Now I could write a wall of text about why Brilliant is so awesome!! But let's talk about the song! This Trance beauty is embodying the new darker vibes that the musician has imbued the new alias with, as per the alias' concept. And there are pony vocal chops too! And EQG Vinyl Scratch visuals in the video! With so much love and passion expressed by the musician once again, it's a release that will show you once again that the brony spirit still lives!! This track is available in ASOS Biscuit! I love you Brilliant, stay awesome!!