• Equestria Girls Shake Your Tail Follow Up


    So big shocker here. I did not know this song had a full music video at the time of Rainbow Rocks. Luckily for The Rainbooms, this music video turned out better than the actual performance from the movie. No spotlight or throat clogging confetti to speak of in this performance. Just some interesting dance themes and even more wild fashions that made the ending to Rainbow Rocks look tame. Since this is more of the “generic pop song” I guess I can say the moral would be to forget the rules and party. Sounds like a plan! Let’s get the tails shaking below.


    Decorating a gym for a dance. Very cliché, but I don’t deny having this excited feeling seeing the gym before it gets made up. It’s like a blank canvas just dying for personality. And we have six very large personalities just waiting to bring out the fun…or bring a big mess. Either one would be interesting to watch.


    Well I can’t say I don’t like it. You really can’t go wrong with a luau themed dance. Itchy grass skirts, straw that gets literally everywhere, the tiki totems that you feel are following you with their hollowed eyes. IF anything, I'm surprised Pinkie wouldn't just go with a standard balloons and streamer type of party since it's matches with her character so much. I guess it's one of those differences that I love comparing to the pony version. Sorry Pinkie, but maybe reserve this for your boat trip in the next few television specials.


    Sports theme dance. I’m sure this would go well with some specific people, but the couch potato in me is screaming “we’re staying home tonight.” And this is probably the most dangerous theme you can choose. You have soccer balls everywhere that anyone can trip on and maybe it’s just for decorations, but can we not have archery arrows next to a target like this? Was anyone planning on shooting into crowds of people with arrows? 


    And we have out first look at the outfits that pretty much was everywhere in marketing for the movie, but was still not it the movie. Hard to say if I think this was a toned down version of the outfits from the battle of the bands in the movie. At least the patterns aren’t burning into my retinas in this music video. But the movie outfits are a bit less…poofy? Let me know what you guys think and which set of outfits didn’t leave you running towards the 90’s grunge era.


    Also a pretty common theme for parties and dances. The ‘Ole Western motif. Casual and fun, yes, but not that flashy or exciting. Maybe for a carnival sitting on hay stacks would be fine, but maybe not if you’re wearing your Sunday best. And sadly the number of balloons you use for it doesn’t make it more party themed.


    Ah now there’s a theme that’s always my favorite. A fancy masquerade ball. Very classy with a twist of fun with the masks. I can’t help but like this theme just because it’s basically another costume party and I love Halloween. I also have been wondering how exactly these girls are putting up and taking down decorations like this in one day. Just getting that barn wall set up must’ve been a lot of work and now we’re on pillars and diamond ribbon everywhere? May I remind you that this was before the powerful geodes in Legend of Everfree so these girls are moving at a pretty normal pace. No super speed or super strength to speak of here. Truly the power of montage can help in a pinch. Wouldn’t be surprised if this all took 5 minutes each to set up.


    So for some reason the alicorn princess is still a huge nerd and wanted to do an astrology theme? Go figure, right? It’s disco with the…eight planets? Well I guess we can at least say that the human world and the pony world have the same solar system. I wonder if the human world also has a demi god that moves the sun and moon into place without worrying about any tides that could mess up another country. Twilight, why has your science talk rubbed off onto me? Cut that out!


    Aww an animal themed party sounds adorable. That is until you have to watch your feet for any possible…accidents. And if the Western theme wasn’t gonna smell like a zoo, this would surely do the trick. I’m sure there would be nothing dangerous about having a bunch of animals in an enclosed space with crowds of people, flashing lights and loud music. 


    Ok nevermind. I guess it doesn’t take much time before you’re living in an Alfred Hitchcock film. Either that or birds really like colorful things and lo and behold, you have a friend with rainbow colored hair.


    So what happens when you have several decent theme ideas and can’t pick just one? You use all of them and toss on a bunch of rainbows to make it look less tacky. I am very curious on who’s gonna be reading books during a school dance, but I also probably read manga on my phone against the wall when I was made to go to one of these school functions. Yeah I take back that comment now. But at least the gym is…finished?


    Obligatory Vinyl Scratch shot. At least we still get her as our random hero when it comes to the movie. And is still DJing and helping with sound for The Rainbooms.


    And we even got Granny Smith busting the Single Girls dance with Blueberry Cake and Rose Heart. Gotta love it when your school staff can be this much fun at a party. Now where’s Principal Celestia doing the Orange Julius just to make this more dated and hilarious?


    Well the music video of the song is definitely an improvement on the performance so that’s a plus. Still debating on these outfits, but I might like them more in the sense of glam rock with the KISS styled face paint and even higher platform shoes than they usually wear. 

    And that was Shake Your Tail, a music video I discovered that made the song a lot better when re-watching the Rainbow Rocks movie. As a song, it’s catchy at least. Not really breaking ground when it comes to the entirety of The Dazzlings, but I don’t deny bobbing my head to the beat. And we even get a kind of normal moral of “if you can’t make a decision, do everything” and I guess with enough flashing lights, it’s made for a memorable dance party... until The Dazzlings show up. I’m Penny Wrights and I need 20 remixes of this song to blast all day.

    Ok maybe I've been kinda mean to the movie performance so have some highlight shots from hearing this song again in the actual movie. Enjoy!