• Daring Doo Music: Dandelion - Daring Doo's Theme [Synthwave]

    New release by Dandelion, new heartfelt pony tribute! This instumental was played realtime on analog keyboards such as the Roland Juno-2, as explained in the description! It's an ancient recording (perhaps brought back from one of Daring Doo's expeditions, hmm?) but the musician saw fit to release it today while imbuing a Daring Doo meaning to it, even having MeleePrincess contribute by voicing Daring Doo! Yes, those vocal lines you hear in the track are actually Daring Doo voice acting made for it! Such lovely tribute intents are such a delight as always!

    Also check out the other recent release from Dandelion, That Particular Night, that is only available on Pony.fm because of technical reasons as explained in the description.