• Equestria Girls Tip Topping Follow Up


    In light of Equestria Girls, it’s always the simplest slice of life stories that make for the most entertaining things to happen. And with this one, we have our choice of characters to help out our pretty pink pie with her frozen yogurt decorating. I really love discovering all these Choose Your Ending videos only because it gives me a lot to write about and even what I would do in certain situations. If I were to give a moral to this short, it would be to trust your instincts and maybe use your friend’s input to help, but don’t let it influence everything. Either that or try to train woodland creatures from not going into open doors causing health violations. Let’s see how this sticky and sweet situation starts.


    Pinkie: “Guess who has pink hair and is ready to get some frozen yogurt?”

    Wow. Never really expect an answer when that happens. That moment when you realize the world you live in has some interesting natural hair colors and pink isn’t that odd. I love seeing how happy these two representing the pink and Fleur de Lis in another outfit other than her Crystal Prep uniform and mandatory scowl.


    HOLY HEADGEARS BATMARE!!! There are people in this world that wouldn’t just have perfect teeth? I mean braces is one thing, but a whole wrap around wire and a lisp? They put some originality in this girl and I love it. And it looks like letting her fellow pink haired girls go first got Pinkie Pie the grand prize of one free topping for her frozen yogurt. 


    Hmm…So we got Pinkie Pie working with multiple flavors for frozen yogurt. I can say at least in this case, it would be hard to pick a topping that would go with all three flavors. You got something chocolate related, the pink and white is probably candy flavored like bubble gum, and the yellow and green one might be fruity or citrus flavors. 


    And now we come to our options of the hour between Applejack and Twilight…and Fluttershy, I think? Looks like Fluttershy has her hands full with all these animals so she might not be much help, but let’s see how this can play out.

    Applejack Option


    I guess I can see Applejack, the farming girl who grows apples, produce, and works at a juice bar, would go for the more healthier option of putting fruit on frozen yogurt. At least she might not be too stubborn and insist on apples or something. And it seems like Pinkie is pointed towards candy.


    Ok nevermind. She’s way too insistent on fruit enough to snatch every spoon Pinkie pulls out of her hair (yes I know what I said) before putting any candy on her yogurt. Applejack can be one of my favorite characters of the Mane 6 when it happens, but I really can’t stand when she’s this forceful with her and other people’s choices. She’s literally yelling at Pinkie like she’s her mom.

    Well, well, well. It looks like Pinkie might have a better option to have her fruit and eat it, too. Looks like they’re gummy candy cherries that Pinkie can substitute for real cherries to get Applejack off her back. Just like a teenager trying to sneak out without their parents catching them.

    Looks like the option backfired when Pinkie let Applejack get the cherries for her. Kinda messed up on both of their ends when even honest Applejack will toss the candy cherries off the spoon to get the actual cherries. 

    Oh and just to kick off how right Applejack knows she is, Pinkie Pie doesn’t notice that she’s eating real cherries and still playing it off like they weren’t supposed to be gummy candy cherries. Pinkie Pie, lover of all sweets and baked goods, couldn’t tell real cherries from candy. This is more out of character than I was expecting here.


    Both: “Sucker!”

    Yeah this feels a little too…unpleasant. Like the switching candy cherries for real cherries feels like something a parent would do. Like putting the bargain brand cereal in a name brand cereal box and the kid not able to tell the difference. For the topping, I don’t reach for cherries personally, but I don’t mind fruit-based dessert toppings. Too bad they would be next to chocolate chips in most cases. Maybe not the ending I expected, but should I be happy about these two thinking they lied to each other?

    Twilight Option


    Yeah if anything was to make as much sense in this choice, it would be having Twilight detail the information of each topping to see what works best. Twilight wasn’t even carrying a notebook with her when she walked in. Where dose she get these notebooks for researching?


    I think Pinkie might be a bit hungry from looking at all these toppings. She is more than ready to choose a topping now. I think we all need someone to look at us the way Pinkie Pie looks at chocolate nuts.


    And once again, I have no idea what any of this information is supposed to mean. At most with the pie chart on the right, it looks like fruits would’ve won out compared to the…poop emoji piece?


    Good news, the best option to pick was chocolate covered walnuts. Bad news, it took so long to come down to this option that the frozen yogurt melted into a pile of less frozen yogurt.


    Well I can’t say this probably wouldn’t be a good smoothie at least. Honestly I’m the same way. I like my ice cream mostly melted and kind of soup looking. I could just make an ice cream milkshake or something, but I wouldn’t want to dilute the ice cream flavor. In terms of option, not a nuts person either, but chocolate anything is fine with me. And the end result seemed fine with Pinkie Pie, too. And is it just me or does Applejack look a bit salty that fruit wasn’t chosen? 

    Fluttershy Option


    I don’t think Fluttershy wanted to be an option for this video, but I’m sorry to say this. We need a more humble and nicer in these options after the Applejack one. Don’t worry Flutters. What’s the worst that can happen?


    Oh yeah. There’s the option that makes a mess of the store with animals attracted to the smell of food. I would think Fluttershy would have a better handle on her animal friends and wouldn’t want to cause trouble like this, but hey. You can’t fully expect to put a chocolate bar in from of my face and say “don’t eat it”. 


    Aww poor girl. She probably just got done choosing her yogurt flavor and wanted to pick her favorite topping, too. Just get one of the ones that weren’t picked at by birds. I’m sure the licorice one might be free.


    So…question. How do these raccoons know how to work the handles for the frozen yogurt? It’s different if they were just twisting and turning it to make it work, but they knew right away how to get the yogurt out. Fluttershy, how much have you been teaching them about human life?


    So it looks like the store reached its animal limit and had to kick everyone out. And even before Pinkie Pie got her topping. I’ll admit that’s kind of a bummer that even Applejack was really upset about it. 


    Aww isn’t that…sweet. Especially when I think acorns aren’t really a nut people eat and the squirrel decided to chew it up and spit it out in bits so that it looks like a nut based topping. Ok this was the grossest thing ever and I hope to Luna Pinkie Pie doesn’t do it.

    Pinkie no! There’s being desperate and then there’s putting your body in danger with whatever else this squirrel has possibly eaten. And it seems Fluttershy is enjoying this since it’s such a nice gesture from this squirrel, but not the most…appetizing. Either that or Fluttershy is enjoying watching Pinkie Pie try to suffer through eating that.


    Ok it looks like this just ended on a laugh and Pinkie didn’t have to eat chewed up squirrel nuts. This was a nice gesture in the end and it’s hammered into friendship and admiring the little things, but in the case of the frozen yogurt I just paid for, I don’t think I would be this happy. 

    And that was Tip Topping, a short with a really wide range of endings and thoughts depending on your choices. Best one hands down is Twilight’s. I don’t deny taking a lot of time and thought to put in for ice cream or frozen yogurt toppings. Fluttershy’s was sweet and innocent, but didn’t really get the satisfaction of Pinkie Pie getting her topping. Applejack…my God…can she not always be this stubborn of a mule? Her ending still rubs me the wrong way and how it played out, but I guess both people are happy so I guess I can call it a win. What toppings do you guys go for with ice cream or frozen yogurt? For me, I just go with extra stuff if there’s already something in the dessert. I like mint chocolate chip, so I would get more chocolate things like fudge or brownies. I’m Penny Wrights and now I have to buy a party sized tub of ice cream with random things for toppings. I make no promises if those toppings include soy sauce.