• Pinkie-themed Compilation Album "PINK! Pinkamena Pinka-Distorted" Open For Submissions!

    You might have heard already if you've been following the pony music scene closely, but r_chase and Nyancat380 are organizing a Pinkie-themed pony compilation album (other MLP themes are accepted too), and the deadline is January 12th, 2021! Time to show our love! To the pony musicians who are interested, feel free to submit one or several songs, and to everypony else look forward to the result!! See how such lovely pony initiatives are made in the community!

    Find all the info and how to submit here, and find below the break a promo video for the album made by yours truly! (I just had to! All For Her!)
    The main font that I used in the video is called All Things Pink by the way <3