• DEEP Pony Concept & Lore Music: Night Blaze - Power of Harmony (2020) [Soundtrack]

    Everypony you gotta check out that amazing description on YouTube that Night Blaze wrote about this song!! There's a backstory to his creative endeavors, to what the community gave him, AND such a DEEP backstory and lore to his songs, about an Equestria with a darker past, and with a very meaningful twist! It's up to us in our world as well to reach "symphony", to face our suppressed feelings/darkness inside of us/Shadow and accept them, so that light and darkness, sun and moon are in harmony, like how Celestia and Luna working together solved everything! So that we can make this world a positive place like Equestria! Spreading positive messages to be applied in our lives, telling such a deep, lore-heavy and fascinating pony story, AND making such grand, epic and emotional music, Night Blaze is doing all that and showing it so well with this upload, and I just want to support him so much!! Come on everypony, let's show him and our world the power of our community!!