• Cosmos Exploration Music: Whirlwind - The Mission [Liquid Drum & Bass/Orchestral]

    Whirlwind's new EP got a successful launch, I repeat, Whirlwind's new EP got a successful launch! "The Mission" is a new concept-powered EP by the drummer and producer, about The Equestria Space program commissioning him "to embark a daring journey into the unknown atmospheres of the Cosmos" as the description says. The starry and mystical Liquid DnB beauties throughout the EP are definitely reflecting the mysteries and beauty of space, while the Orchestral pieces are adding deep story-telling through music and with the help of vocal samples too! The intro track is especially emotional for me, calling back to past music-powered "journeys" such as in Skyrim, with the moment at 0:31 feeling just like when you get out of that tutorial cave! As for the track Solar Surf, it's just my favorite from the EP, with such emotional moments and musical style, reminding me of Synthis or even Jastrian!

    Listen to the EP from YouTube here (also embedded below the break), or from Bandcamp here!