• Celebrate 10 Years of Pony! Where Did The Time Even Go?!


    As of today, we have officially crossed the threshold of a decade of ponies. I NEVER thought it would go on this long. When I started Equestria Daily way back in 2011, I thought maybe we'd get a good half a year of fun out of it before everyone gets bored and moves on with a bit of hype for the second season before it followed most cartoons into obscurity. I've never been so wrong. It turns out people really loved their ponies. 


    Here we are 10 years later with more fan art, music, videos, analysis, animations, fanfics, and loads of other things than any cartoon in existence. Really any other IP in existence. Does anything come anywhere near how much has been created for Friendship is Magic over the years? With entire sub-fandoms that follow wacky spinoffs and crossovers? I really can't think of any. Deviant Art may be on the decline, but it's still spammed pretty constantly with cartoon horses. Youtube still has a flood of pony videos going up. Not even other fandoms that popped up while Pony was in it's old age came anywhere near what ours did.


    So, time to celebrate! We've been around for a whopping 10 years now and it is well deserved. Considering Drawfriend here still gets 40+ drawings a day, it doesn't look like the ride is ending any time soon even with the show over. As long as people keep on creating stuff, this fan base will keep on thriving. Even if G5 is a flop


    Expect an open art event and maybe a write-in event tomorrow. For now, lets just bask in everything we've accomplished over the last decade, while simultaneously praising Lauren Faust for giving us the chance to have such an amazing time.